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Jul 8, 2008 10:24 AM

Good crepes in OC?


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  1. Not sure of others, but I can confidently recommend Bonjour Cafe in Dana Point.

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    1. re: 1000steps

      Yep, good.

      Bonjour Cafe
      24633 Del, Prado Dana Point, CA

    2. I'm no crepes expert, so I don't know how it compares to others, but I recently had the strawberry banana crepes at Eurostation at the Block in Orange. I thought it was pretty good, and quite large, almost a meal in itself.

      There was a recent review in the OC Weekly about it.

      Eurostation Crepes & Waffles
      20 City Blvd E, Orange, CA 92868

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      1. re: Wonginator

        Oh God. Oh God no.

        See, here's the problem. The crepes are fine -- not the highest quality (a bit doughy) -- but certainly fine, and I'd even go so far as to say that when you get their gaufres liegeoises freshly-made, they'd be worth a schlep.


        The service is so awful that it removes any desire I ever have to go back -- and for level-setting here, I drive past the Block twice a day on my commute. I eat at the Block regularly (sad, I know, but quick); I never, ever, ever go to Eurostation.

        The last time (which was THE last time) I went was for a to-go -- it took almost an hour. It takes an hour if you sit and an hour if you get it to go. When I got to the "OMG I HAVE A MEETING" frenzy, they suggested -- wait for it -- that I go to my meeting and they'd have it ready for me when I came back.

        I don't say this lightly -- but screw them and the horses they rode in on.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          I did read your review of Eurostation after my visit there, and it seems you visited shortly after they opened almost a year ago. Have you visited again since then? It seems like you experienced opening month glitches that many restaurants go through.

          I can't recall exactly how long it took for our food to arrive for our dine-in experience, but it was around 10-20 minutes. Nothing so long as to make me look at my watch or to ask the server where our food was.

          Your experience reminds me of why I try not to go to any new place in its first month, as I know how it can leave a such a bad impression that you won't go back even if they improve. I went to a newly opened Beard Papa near me, and it looked so barebones (only one cream puff option, the plain one) that I haven't been back since, even though I've read others say that they've expanded their selection.

          1. re: Wonginator

            I've been on several (at least a half-dozen) occasions -- the last of which, which I detailed above, was March of this year; plenty of time to fix the issues.

            Was it crowded when you went? They get "in the weeds" quickly.

            It's just been awful.

            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              No, it wasn't crowded when we went, on a Saturday afternoon, around 12:30PM or 1PM. Maybe 3 or 4 other occupied tables at the time.

      2. There's a little creperie @ the Birch Street Promenade that's decent; they serve both sweet & savoury.

        Occasionally, there's a crepe stand @ both the Fullerton & Brea Farmers Market that's okay too.

        1. This is a weird suggestion, but Genki Living in Irvine has really good crepes. It's a Japanese okonomiyaki place, and serves many cooked Japanese specialties...but it serves up a great dessert crepe with strawberries, nutella, and whipped cream. I think they'll put cheesecake in, too, if you ask.
          Genki Living
          15435 Jeffrey Rd #110 Irvine CA 92618
          (across street from Irvine Valley College)
          Phone: 949-857-3683

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          1. re: attran99

            Genki Living is actually Chinese-owned and they serve Taiwanese style crepes - they're a bit crunchy and very different from French types.
            As for their okonomiyaki, it's horrible and is not really what it claims to be. I've ordered their Hiroshima-style once, only to receive a vegetable stir fry topped with a fried egg and some okonomiyaki sauce and toppings. Being a Hiroshima native, I was mildly offended by this rendition... But that's off topic.

            Lulu's Creperie Cafe in Laguna Hills is pretty authentic and awesome. Very simple country style crepes.

            Lulu's Cafe
            24781 Alicia Pkwy, Ste E, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

          2. I like Crepemaker (at the Irvine Spectrum). I am not a crepe expert, and I admit that every crepe stand I frequented in Vancouver was better...but the Spectrum is close, and I've never been disappointed.

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            1. re: sunnyand72

              There's a place called the chocolate cafe in laguna niguel that has decent crepes.


              1. re: polarcyclone

                Try La Creperie on Second Street in Belmont Shore. Technically, its not in OC, but it is just across the county line. The crepes and the second street scene are both pretty good (not Paris good, but good nonetheless).

                1. re: lawdog262

                  Totally 2nd the rec for La Creperie. Just went yesterday and it was yummy. The breakfast crepe can get a bit dry since there is no sauce but my friend got the savory French Riviera...delish! A lot of ppl like their fries which are ok, not quite crispy enough. Crepe portions are pretty sizeable with a lot of filling.