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Casually upscale in Mississauga


I'm new to the Mississauga area. Does anyone have any good recommendations for good quality yet casually upscale dining in Mississauga? Thanks for your help.

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  1. One of our Favs is the Palm's Court at Hwy #10 & The Queensway (The Rabba Plaza). Food is excellent, friendly service and never had an issue with cleanliness as suggested by the reviewer below. Has white table cloths, a nice touch, and is quiet if you are looking for that. Caters to the 50+ crowd mainly. If you like grilled liver.........good stuff!!


    1. Whereabouts in Missisauga Keith?

      If you are in the Clarkson/Lorne Park/Port Credit area, you may want to try:
      Aielli (sp?) for Italia
      Breakwater (at Waterside Inn) - though will lean towards more "upscale"
      Rosewood Bistro (Dundas at Mississauga Rd)
      Hooks for cajun fish

      I would avoid Michael's Back Door - I'be been 2 or 3 times - the food has always been mediocre (even for Mississauga), overpriced and service poor. Though I admit, it has been about 2 years since I have been

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        Great angel hair pasta with lobster at Michael's Back Door though.

      2. I have to mention Alioli by Square One. My go to place for fine Italian dining in Mississauga.


        1. Via Allegro is on the upscale side of casually upscale but I would not hesitate to go there for a nice meal. The food and wine are fantastic.

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            Via Allegro is in Etobicoke. I stopped going there about 5 year's ago when they jacked up the prices by almost 20% plus we waited almost a hour for our dinner. The place is really over rated !

          2. Keith,
            What type of food do you like and as mentioned, where in Mississagua? If you are in the south, I would stick to the Port Credit mentions.
            I would add to the list Rogues
            If you are in North Mississauga, there are fewer options..
            In Streetsville the Pearl St. Cafe is nice and I like Saucy's as well..

            111 Queen St S, Mississauga, ON L5M1K7, CA

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              If you're referring to the Pearl Street Bistro in Streetsville, I believe it's been closed for over a year now.

            2. Not sure what casually upscale refers to however a few suggestions. For chinese I would suggest Summit Gardens at Dundas and Winston Churchill. I also recommend Big Daddy's at Southdown and Royal Windsor Drive - yes it is a chain but for casual upscale the food is pretty good and i am not known to back chains. Rouges is also very good in Sherwood Forest but is upscale.

              1. Check out La Castile for one of the best steak houses in the city (my personal fave). The atmosphere, service and impeccable wine list add to the experience greatly. Plus, there's a great piano bar.

                The seafood/steak platter for two is an experience not to be missed.

                1. Thyme restaurant on the Lakeshore in East Port Credit has a nice atmosphere and pretty decent pastas, risottos and pizzas. Another favourite of ours is the Apricot Tree Cafe in Sherwood Village Plaza on Dundas west of Mississauga Rd. A bit more casual but the food is usually delicious.

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                    I second the Apricot Tree Cafe in Sherwood Plaza. Great food and attentive service. It's casual enough that you can go there for dessert with friends, but the food is good enough that you could go there for a special date. The dessert selection is very large - something for everyone. I always end up buying a prepackaged box of cookies to take home with me.