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Slow Food Nation

Is anyone going to Slow Food Nation over Labor Day? Chow is one of the
sponsors, but we’re also attending as fans. Can anyone who’s been to a Slow Food event like Terra Madre give an idea of what to expect?

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  1. Me and my GF are going to try to attend. I've been receiving the email news letter. Any past experience from chowhounds would be great.

      1. I'm really excited to attend the event and have been telling everyone I know about it. There are so many different, cool things to do/see/taste, I'm having a hard time deciding how to spend my time there. Would love to know how other Chowhounds are planning to tackle the event. Advice needed!

        1. I'm planning to go, and can't wait to check out the preserves area. Your podcast interview with the curator had me drooling!

          1. Seems disorganized. If there's a standard grid-style schedule of events to help prospective attendees figure out their itineraries, I can't find it on the Web site.

            Alice Waters told the New York Times, "If 60,000 people do come, and we’re all in front of City Hall, and it’s a beautiful night, well, who knows what could happen.” The event in front of City Hall ends at 4pm, and the evening events are elsewhere.

            1. I'm planning on going to the tasting pavilion on Sunday PM -- but sadly, I think I'm going alone since I can't seem to convince anyone of my foodie friends that the $58 discounted ticket is worth the experience. Though I don't have the budget for this really, either; I'm writing it off as an elite educational expense (in my mind, not actually to the IRS). Can anyone out there help me make a more solid argument in favor of this event to friends who are otherwise into tasting good foods - just not at such a the steep price?

              1. At the risk of sounding like a CHOW shill, please let me point fellow confused folks to our SFN page, which includes a guided tour and some personalized itineraries:

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                  "That means we'll be filling you in from beginning to end on the events, the speakers, the tasting pavilions, the whole Slow shebang, celebrating delicious and sustainable food in America."

                  The last entry was August 29. Is that the end of Chow's coverage?

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                    Karen? Roxanne? How were the Changemakers sessions?

                    Chow Editors, hello?