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Jul 8, 2008 09:44 AM

Restaurant Recommendations for Idaho Panhandle

I will be traveling to the Idaho Panhandle (Sandpoint, Schweitzer, etc) in a few weeks and wanted some restaurant recommendations. What are the don't miss spots?

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  1. The local restaurant scene is in a state of transition this summer. Musical chairs w/chefs & owners. On beautiful Lake Pend Oreille there are three or four options. The Landing, right at the south end of the Long Bridge leading across the lake into Sandpoint, has the best ambiance in town. The mid-range menu and service is fine but not great. To the east (out Hwy 200) in Hope there are two favs: The Jetty (formerly Dock of the Bay) at Holiday Shores Marina and the Resort at Beyond Hope, a few miles past Hope (follow signs to Samowen State Park). Both do xlnt jobs. Beyond Hope is a rustic lodge, RV-park restaurant with a large deck overlooking the lake and a spectacular western view of the (often hot) setting sun. It is scheduled to be replaced by a big condo development in 2009 so hurry while the quaint bldg. is still extant. Back in Sandpoint, Ivano's Ristorante has been very good Italian food, but recent reports say it has slipped. A little further up the main drag (First Ave.) on the right is Arlo's, also Italian, and equally good. The best meal in town? Most say Sand Creek Inn (right at the first signal in Sandpoint)on First Ave.. It is usually great. Ask for a table with water (slough) view. Also a new top spot, Three Glasses, is another block up First. It's a sub-ground level place with music and higher end fare. Want casual tavern chow? Eichart's is the king. Duffy's is a close second. Jalapeno's has mediocre Mexican, Duke's (outside of town) does superb BBQ in an inconvenient location. Breakfast favs are the Panhandler right in town; always good, basic breakfasts. DeLuna's on Cedar in town is more refined; and the Hoot Owl on highway 200 out of town is local greasy spoon fav. If it was me, the "Don't Miss" spots would be: Beyond Hope, Sand Creek Inn, Eichart's and Three Glasses.

    1. I have to second the Eichart's reccomendation~ and if you head through Coeur d'Alene, I really enjoy Brix.

      1. Not sure how else to indicate interest in SP and Lake P'O is still happening. Traveling in on state business early June. Happy to be here; am wondering if there are off the beaten track local places for good food (and also need recommendations for our last night celebration). Any advice you can offer would be helpful.


        1. The Wolf Lodge, a little east of C'dalene and just off I-90, is considered to be a destination steakhouse. The atmosphere is great, steaks are ample, and service friendly and local. When I visit C'dalene I always take my Dad there, he loves it. Here's the website


          Drinks at the C'dalene hotel are good for a nice view, the top floor restaurant is underwhelming.