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Jul 8, 2008 09:44 AM

New Mangos in Calgary

I'm new in the community but though of mentioning the new varieties of mangos from More Than Mangos. Not only they are certified organic, but they also have the most exotic mangos that I've ever seen from the Caribbean. I'm sure we can find decent Tommy Atkins and Kent mangos around the city but their mangos look what a mango should look like and taste like.
Also, they got two other varieties that I've never heard before, Madame Francine, a kidney bean shape mango and another mango called, Pascual, same shape as the Madame Francine but twice as big.
In any case, if you are looking for an outstanding mango, that's the place to go, along with their papayas, passion fruits (four kinds), guavas, baby bananas, cactus figs, dragon fruits and other fruits that would make you feel like if you are in the tropics.

Thought of passing the info.

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  1. I stopped by on the weekend just passed - lovely stall, beautiful fruit but I am totally clueless on what to do with these fruits - eat them raw of course, but do they enhance savoury dishes or better in sweet - which parts are edible, how long will they keep etc etc

    Maybe I am just stupid or didn't look hard enough - but my suggestion would be more creative recipe ideas beyond smoothies.

    Good luck to them anyway - great little business & look forward to going back to try more varieties.

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      Yeah, I agree, they should post more info as their staff can be busy at times explaining some of the products to other clients and by the time you hear the staff explaining the product, you might have missed a bit of the presentation. However, I saw a print out that they had, kind like a manual on how to consume the exotic fruit but they only had one copy and they were not given it away.
      I'd suggest to them to have like a "exotic fruit kit" where they can put together their fruits in a basket with a guide on how to eat the fruit and for customers to take home and taste.

      I agree, great concept and good staff but more and precise explanations on the fruits.

      1. re: empty77

        Probably the information from their website

        Recipes and other serving suggestions as well.

    2. Where is this place? I miss the mango season in Australia, so many varieties for so cheap and tasty.

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        They are located at the new speciality market called, "Sweetgrass Market" (go west on Bow trail until you hit 85st SW and go north on 85 for about a block and a half and the are located right next to the Shoppers Drugmart). You can go and get your cheese from Springbank Cheese, your meat from Valta Vison, your bread from Red Barn, your fruit from More Than Mangos and in case you need some fast gourmet food, there is an East Indian stall with fantastic dishes.
        Keep in mind that their mangos are not that cheap because they product is air flown every week, so it makes it really hard to have them cheaper but even any of the organic stores don't carry the kinds and freshness as these guys do at More Than Mangos.