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Jul 8, 2008 09:43 AM

Lunch near the Airport!!

We fly out( going to Halifax, yippeee) of Pearson tomorrow at 2:45pm. We're looking for a good restaurant( preferably Indian) near the airport for lunch.

Any suggestions?

If not Indian, please NO Chains!!

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  1. Kwality Sweets in Brampton. Straight up Airport Rd. Odd name for an Indian joint, but great reviews on this board.

    2150 Steeles Ave. East

    1. i used to work up there for 4 years. slim pickings.

      but my faves are:

      1). Hakka on Rexdale 1 block east of Airport Rd (on Maxiel, i think). there's a strip mall on the north side (cannot see it from the road). The Hakka place at the end of the mall is very good for what it is - good lunch specials. We were there last week. Decent hot n sour soup, very good Pad Thai.I personally like their sweet and sour chicken. there's also a menu, but most people there order the lunch specials.

      2) Mr Jerk on Rexdale near 427. The line-up will show you how good their jerk is. prices are great. so are their fried dumplings.

      3) Brar Sweets - Albion and Islington. Veggie Indian food, heavy in ghee, fiery spicy, but great tasting. and its around $7 a person for lunch. maybe not the best pre-flight food. but its very good

      otherwise, good luck. you will be choosing between horrible chains and sketchy mom n pop corner stores.

      1. Check out Lykn’ Chicken at 7460 Airport Rd, just north of the Airport, 5 min drive on Airport Rd. There is a post on the place, just search for Lykn’ Chicken. It’s not Indian, but I think for lunch this would work.

        1. We ended up at exotic indian cuisine in etobicoke. It was way too spicy for my taste. I wasnt impressed.

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