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Jul 8, 2008 09:43 AM

Taro's Fish - new location North York (Sheppard/Leslie)

On my way to work today I see that there's a new Taro's Fish that just opened up next to the Sheridan nurseries in North York (on Sheppard, west of Leslie), across from the Cdn Tire.

Is this the same one that's in J-Town in Markham? I vaguely recalled there were 2 different fish vendors in J-Town and I only had sushi at one which was pretty good. If anyone has tried the new location, please let us know how they compare in terms of selection and price (also if any discount sushi past a certain time late in the day).

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  1. Thanks for the news! It is indeed the same one as in J-Town (they moved).

    Taro's is the fish monger that was in J-Town (no sushi there...did have sashimi).

    Will report.

    1. They are not open yet. I was in that plaza earlier today. Good news indeed.

      1. That's Baxter's old spot. I noticed it too.

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          Are they no longer up at Steeles, in the mean time? Where will I get my fish? Anyone know when they'll open up?

          1. re: dlw88

            Good question...when you check the j-town website there is another establishment listed as a fish provider... Sakana-Ya.

            It is listed as opening July 1 but we haven't been out there yet.

            Hopefully Taro's will be open soon. We went by on Tuesday thinking Taro's would be open but no luck.

            1. re: kerwintoronto

              I was dining at Cafe Michi yesterday when I talk to one of the staff of the new Sakana -Ya. I was told that the majority of their fish are from Japan and because of the volume of their shipment, its one of the 'best value 'fish monger' in town! They already receive complaints from some of their fellow fish monger competitors!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                I paid a visit to Sakana-Ya. I guess they have just stock some uni from BC in which it is pretty hard to find in this period of time in lots of other Japanese restaurants. Did not try it though because I think it is really not a good season to eat uni at this moment.

                1. re: skylineR33

                  I am also planning on visiting this weekend. Can you elaborate a little on the season of sea urchin? I couldnt find much reliable information on google.
                  Is there anything you would recommend from sakanaya?

                  1. re: happycamper

                    In short, season for North America sea urchin is from October onward, ending near summer, best is winter. The opposite is Asia sea urchin with its peak at Summer time. However, the source of sea urchin in Toronto is mostly from BC, so there is usually a limited supply of it at summer.

                    The yellow tail and smoked mackeral I had at Sakana-Ya are pretty good. There are lots of grilled fish, looks great too, but I have not tried it. You can ask the people there to recommend you which one is good that day.

                    Here is a picture of the yellow tail I got there for $12.

                    Wish you have a good time there !

              2. re: kerwintoronto

                I was at Sakana Ya the other day and although I was not impressed with their sashimi moriawase (akami turned gray is not my preferred freshness), the small hashiyasume (appetizers, I guess they would be called?) in plastic containers were charming and inexpensive. Something like marinated spicy octopus bits for $2 and baby clams with vermicelly for $1.
                I bought a couple of these and headed to Taro's in their new location for sashimi.

                1. re: lilith

                  I've been to Sakana Ya and just don't like their presentation. It never looks appealing to me, so I've also never purchased from them.

                  I've been to the new Taro's twice now. The first time I just tried the was okay...sort of tasted how I would expect myself to have made it if I bought taro fish. So, fresh fish, but the rice is not as yummy. Still good though.

                  The second time was for salmon for Ceviche (been craving it since Toronto Star mentioned it). It was perfect. They actually had to take out half a salmon slab to cut out the amount and size I wanted. It came skin-on descaled, which was a yummy little treat once fried to a crisp with salt and pepper.

                  They also have all the hot items that they use to only have on weekends. I love their black cod rice and regularly get the oversized takoyaki (not the best, but we don't have any other options uptown short of the frozen stuff).

                  1. re: eco987

                    I dropped by this place, after reading about it on chowhound.
                    To begin with, the place is absolutely spotless!!
                    We decided to have lunch there, after looking at all the yummy options.
                    We oysters...and summer breeze oysters. (which were opened for us, and presented on a bed of chipped ice, with lemon wedges and ponzu sauce). I also tried the Onigri Rice Ball..(which I have never had before)..for $1.50..this is a real treat. Yummy crisp crisp nori leaf....and then inside was the rice with salmon (you can select salmon, black cod, tuna, and bbq eel). I loved it..and will be returning for more.
                    We also tried, squid and vegetable tempura...($1.80 for 100 grams).It was beautiful looking..but tasted too greasy for our liking. We asked for another type of sauce..and that helped a little. We also tried a bento box with cod...

                    We ate at the counter at the window and I have no doubt that I will be returning. Especially for those rice balls........yum!!

                    1. re: domesticgodess

                      I ordered $150 worth of fish today at Taro's for lunch (myself and 2 secretaries). Ordered the deluxe party platter sushi ($80), which featured salmon, tuna, roe, shrimp and a few others. The hamachi was the highlight today. I also really like their roe, but others might find it a bit "fishy" in smell and flavour (those really big ones that are 1/2cm wide). Tried to get uni, but I guess it's not in season. Sweet shrimp was nice too, reminded me of the first time I had it when I was in Osaka way back when. The rolls were just ok... I can never get too excited about rolls. Had california rolls, spider roll and dynamite roll. There's a lot of things that I saw in store that wasn't on their menu they faxed us, so to get the full experience you really need to go in store. Even had enough left over to bring back for the wife.

                      1. re: Royaljelly

                        A number of their cooked fish items are hard to find in most Japanese restaurants (e.g. grilled tuna belly with the fins still on, other less well known fish), and are generally pretty good. If you happen to get sashimi their on a day when they have a big (and expensive) catering job, even the retail size sashimi packs in the fridge come with real wasabi (freshly grated).
                        Agree with everyone that the presentation of Sakana-ya items is not apetizing, and doesn't have that Japanese look (an important apetite stimulant to me).

          2. I like their sea urchin. Wonderful selection among several sources,
            Uni seems in season. It was about Can$17 a pack.
            lucky me!
            Then, salmon Onigiri...
            Oh, unlucky me...
            It was already turning rotten literally very noticeably the next day when I tried to have it.
            The rice part was fine but the center salmon?
            Well… I suppose there are hit and miss.
            One more note.
            One employ bit me, of course metaphorically. Another one was reasonable though I wish he hadn't interrupted my reading the fine prints on the package.
            Otherwise I would say " Thank You!"

            1. What is the price like compared to a restaurant?