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Jul 8, 2008 09:41 AM

Providence Restaurant Week 2008

So far: Went to New Rivers because I like the food. Walked out of New Rivers because of noise, cramped quarters, and poor service (they ignored me and were clearly upset that I alone was taking up one of their postage stamp tables.) Walked over to Mill's Tavern for a decent RR meal -- the shrimp/swordfish/sorbet. At least it is quiet, air conditioned and spacious.

Thursday and next Friday will be Gracie's, our favorite place in town. We also love Persimmon in Bristol. We do not like restaurants like Capriccio's ("limos," two doormen, etc.)

Given what I have said above, what other places might I like? I'm thinking Walter's, Temple, Chez Pascal, 242, and Blue Grotto. The only one I've been to before is Chez, one time great, other time so-so (sevice, not the food). My understanding is that Blue Grotto has new owners and staff and is now not for little old ladies anymore. True?

A couple notes: I'm mainly interested in dinner, not lunch, and a couple times I will be by myself in casual clothing. Other times dressed better with my wife.

Please air your suggestions and experiences here while the "week" is still on.

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  1. we are going to gracie's tonight, CAV on thurs. and new rivers on tues. New River's is incredibly small but I'm surprised to hear about the service. Their food is worth it though. I think you should give them a second chance. chez pascal's food and service are always impeccable to me; ive never had a bad time there.

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      Thanks. We seem to have similar taste preferences. Please tell me how it goes at CAV. We used to be regulars.

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        So, how was Gracie's? What dishes did you select?

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          gracie's was great!

          we all got the gnocci to start.. the dish reminded me of that comforting feeling you get when you have soup on a cold wintry night... im being over dramatic =)

          then we had the duck breast as our entree.. it wasn't bad although i wish the duck skin was crisper. my friend had duck for the first time and she enjoyed it

          for dessert, i had the short cake with plums and a sabayon sauce. my friend got creme brulee and my other friend got the banana marscopone cake. we all enjoyed our desserts

          what i really appreciated about gracie's was their excellent service and attention to details. we were given an amuse bouche of watermelon and pickled jicama prior to our starter. after our starter, we were given blackberry sorbet to cleanse our palate before our entree and after dessert, we were given these star tart cookies. it was a good experience overall . we definitely wouldn't be able to afford gracie's if it wasn't for restaurant week!

          on to CAV tomorrow...

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            Gracie's is always great. Thank you for the report. Has anyone gone to Walter's, Temple, Chez Pascal, 242, CAV, or Blue Grotto (or anywhere else)?

            Went to Parkside for lunch. Crabcake appetizer was excellent. Cod dish was so-so and very heavy. Comes with "hand-cut" fries but they sure seemed frozen to me (and overcooked). "Fresh berries" desert was a disaster. A little ice cream, a nasty crust, and at the bottom hot berry medly that was clearly made of cheap frozen berries (that's why you have to have them hot - - to mask that fact.

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              I don't know why your server didn't tell you, but Gracie's does a Theatre Menu starting in the fall, to coincide with the Trinity Rep season. It's 40dollars, three courses. It makes my favorite restaurant MUCH more accessible. That and the wine flight wednesdays are always fun! 10 dollars for a taste of 3 wines, plus three little treats to match your wine! It's sooo much fun.

        2. see my review of aspire.. i managed to squeeze in another restaurant week dinner in... i'm stuffed!

          1. Also remember that this year it's two weeks. We went to Temple the other night and the steak and stuffies were outstanding. My husband's burger was a bit greasy, but he was happy once he got his cheesecake. I should be hitting a couple more next week. Are you viewing the menus online at I can't stop looking at the menus and now I have no idea where to go next. My husband is very picky, so it's hard. I need a place that doesn't have just salad for the first course but also has great entrees.

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              Gracie's is where you should go. But be aware that, just like Local 121, Farmstead, and others that problems with striped bass has forced them to substitute a different fish.

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                Has anyone done La Laiterie for restaurant week? The grilled bass does not sound that exciting to me. Otherwise I am a big fan of LL.

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                  Also wondering if anybody has been to Bacaro for RW? Thanks

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                    Not much striped bass around. They are substituting a different fish.

              2. I used this as a chance to finally get to Gracies. We had an amazing time. We also opted for the wine flight. For an extra $15, they will pair your courses with a short pour of wine. We were really happy we did it; I normally drink one glass of wine, and inevitably won't match multiple courses. This took care of it. Service was charming, food was delightful, and I didn't feel like they had cheaped out on the restaurant week menu at all. When looking menus at other places, much of it looks very paired down.