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Jul 8, 2008 09:19 AM

Water Prince Seafood Restaurant in Charlottown

Considered a 'find' The Water Prince has fresh fish and lobsterat a moderate price, and if you like THICK seafood Chowder, serves good Chowder. You usually need reservations after 5:00pm. Warning: Probably a mistake, but two overcharges on my bill, and the restaurant was not busy. As I said, probably a mistake, only a $1 each, and corrected, but still.?

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  1. We have a cottage in PEI, and whenever we are getting seafood we go there. I think the owner's name is Rodney. You can choose the lobsters that you like out of the tank and he will cook them for you. With enough salt in the water! (Thats very important!) He also gets fresh seafood every few days, so its easy to become a "regular".
    Fwiw, I have never had a problem with being over charged, but I have ony eaten in twice. We always just buy our fish and prepare it at home.

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      His name is Shane, not Rodney, don't know where that came from.... Sorry!

    2. I have a picture on my fridge of my husband and I eating lobster and mussels at the water prince. We were in PEI a number of years ago and ate every second meal there.
      Fantastic lobster and beautifully fresh mussels by the bucket.