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Romantic Anniv. Dinner in Miami - Casa Tua???

Hello - Hubby and I celebrating our anniv. and looking for a nice, romantic dinner. Budget not a problem and open to all types of foods. Was thinking Casa Tua, but not sure.... haven't been to Sardinia yet -how's the atmosphere? Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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  1. Casa Tua has a very nice, cozy romantic atmosphere and totally on a separate level from Sardinia. I had a great experience there, but not everyone feels the same. I've also had good experiences in Sardinia, but would recommend going on a late Sunday afternoon. However, the area and space doesn't really commend itself to "romantic". You may want to look at something like Creek 28 if you're looking for off the beaten track.

    1. DH and I had a wonderful, really romantic dinner at Baleen last year. We sat outside on the water. Perfect outside area with shields so you don't get too wind blasted. We brought our own wine. Got there early for a drink and the bar was great too with a gorgeous view of the water.

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        Baleen is very romantic. My husband actually proposed by the water there. I know cheezy, lol. It has a beautiful view and the crab cakes are delicious!

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          When we lived in Miami, it was delightful to sit outside with several dozen oysters, and some very chilled white wine. Even got a double rainbow once!

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            I totally loved Baleen. So many of my friends loved it that I thought I would be disappointed. Not the case at all. Our experience was great. We even went back during Miami Spice and it was great then, too. The view is fabulous and it is very dimly lit and/or candle lit (outside) so the restaurant is very well-suited for your purposes. Each time we dine there I wish I could stay at the hotel but I live so close by that it almost seems like a waste.

            Azul was nice and pretty romantic. The food was good. But I just don't think it can compare to Baleen.

        2. Sardinia has better food than casa but does not suit your purpose.

          1. Thanks for the reco's. DH made reservations at Azul, which we haven't been to yet. Will let you know how it goes.

            1. Last summer, we made reservations for 4 - two weeks before going. We got there on
              time (Sat. night) and they were not ready for us. Sent us to the bar to make some
              time. After half an hour at the bar, the waitress said she had no idea when we would
              be seated. We ended up leaving and dining somewhere else. The problem there is that they cater mostly to their club members. They're so busy that
              they don't really care for new arrivals. Maybe if you go earlier or not on the weekend, you may have better luck than us. If you want to try something else, Ola on the beach was great, so was Azul. For a really wonderful (but pricey) experience, try Kobe Club (Next to China Grill). The place is tiny but really "happening" - best colby beef from all over the world.

              Sardinia has great reasonably priced food, but is also not as fancy as the other places I mentioned. It depends on what type of dining experience you want for your

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                re kobe club - the colby beef is great, but i really love the kobe cheese

              2. Had a great meal at Casa Tua last night. Once we parked and I realized where we were going (it was kept a surprise) I felt a little hesitant, remembering that I've read mostly negative reviews of this place in the past.

                Was greeted with a happy birthday from the hostess which was a nice touch. Initially they seated us inside but moved us outside after we asked. Apparently my gf had requested outside on the res so i don't know why they didn't just do that in the first place. The outside seating area is really nice, surrounded by lush foliage.

                The service was really great and professional, water and wines were refilled almost instantly, and the ash tray was replaced as soon as the butt hit it.

                The amuse was a little bowl of gazpacho topped with mini croutons and micro greens. nothing special, and maybe even too much micro greens.

                We started with Organic Zucchini Flowers stuffed w/ Ricotta and Mozzarella, very lightly fried, two of them served with a little crisp julienned mix of carrots and cucumber, some very thinly sliced tomato, and a fried basil leaf. This was a very nice start to the meal, and was light and fresh.

                Next, we split the Risotto Faro w/ Fresh Maine Lobster which was really amazing. This dish stole the show big time. The waitress recommended the risotto's and said they would be large enough to share. This dish was so rich and flavorful, after the first bite we could only mmmmm at each other and smile. The portion of the lobster was smallish (musta been a 1 lb'er) but it was enough and was cooked to perfection. The farro grain used in place of rice was also done perfectly. I think I tasted some truffle in there as well but this is just a guess. I would go back just for this dish anytime. Plus, we were both feeling pretty satisfied after this dish, which was very filling.

                For the main courses, we shared the Goat cheese Ravioli and a Quail dish, which came roasted w/ a nice pan sauce, served with a frisee salad with sliced grapes and three baby artichokes filled with a black truffle crema catalan. This dish was really good and the black-truffle-crema-catalan-stuffed-baby artichokes were very tasty and a nice touch. The quail, while delicious, represented the worst value of what i ordered, being that i usually get really good quail locally for a third the price.

                The goat cheese ravioli's were were delicious but a little heavy. In appearance they reminded me of potstickers, an order of six, topped with more cheese and crispy pata negra (jamon iberico), with a delicious black truffle sauce on the side, with lots of black truffle bits. This dish was really really good but at this point in the meal I was running out of steam and these heavy bites didn't help.

                Somehow we managed to still order a dessert. We had the Crostatini w/ wild strawberries and marscapone gelatto. It was good but not great. Really enjoyed the gelatto which was pretty light. The crust on the pie was nice, topped with a little custard i think, then the sweetened strawberries which were all cut up.

                Once again, what a great meal. Maybe i just got lucky and went on a good night but everything was superb. The service was great as was the outside atmosphere. Including a $60 bottle of wine and an automatic 18% gratuity, total bill came out to just under $260. Certainly this is not an everyday dining spot but I would definitely recommend it for a nice experience.

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                  I wouldn't suggest Kobe Club for a romantic anniversary?!?

                  Baleen is hidden jewel I think. It is never overly crowded or noisy and has great views for celebrating a romatic event like an anniversary. Nothing fancy, but probably a great place to be (in cooler times) is The Standards Bayside Grill. It is spectacular at lunch when I have been, not sure what they do for dinner, but I think for an anytime romantic outing that would be a nice place to hit.