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Jul 8, 2008 09:12 AM

What have you tried lately for the first time?

My fellow Beer hounds, there are many threads about best and worst beers, but my question to you is what have you had lately that was your very first try?

For me:

Bear Republic: Racer 5 and the Red Rocket. Both were very good but I enjoyed the Racer 5 more. This micro is out of California and I have resided my entire existence in Pennsylvania so I'm glad to try it.

Also I had half of my girlfriends Thirsty Dog Raspberry. Not my cup of tea.

What have you tried lately?

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  1. I've been on a first-time kick lately ( So far, I've tried Quilmes (an Argentinian lager), Magic Hat's Lucky Kat IPA, Rogue's Brewer's Ale 2008, Lagunita's Lucky 13, and over the weekend, Shmaltz Brewery's new Sword Swallower, a steel hop lager, and Albino Python, a white lager. Really the only one that didn't work for me was Shmatlz's Albino Phython. It had so many spices, it tasted more like an herbal remedy than a beer. Other than that, though, all quality beers.

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      1. re: Jim Dorsch

        Nope. I pulled that description off Shmatlz's site. I figured it's their beer, their description. Frankely, it tasted like a very good IPA.

        1. re: FlaHopper

          I emailed Jeremy at He'Brew and he told me that 'steel hop' is just a fun description of the beer. So, it means nothing, basically.

      2. re: FlaHopper

        I almost forgot, I tried of Allagash Brewing Company's Hugh Malone Ale a couple weeks ago. Good stuff, but the $16 price tag is a little hard to swallow for a single 750 ml bottle. I also picked up the Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen-Weisse (a collaboration beer between Brooklyn Brewery and Schneider Brewery). And unless I'm mistaken, both breweries are releasing the beer in their own bottles. So you can find the very same beer in a Brooklyn bottle and a Schneider bottle. Maybe it's just me, but I thought that was pretty cool.

        1. re: FlaHopper

          "So you can find the very same beer in a Brooklyn bottle and a Schneider bottle."

          Not really the *exact* same beer- different hops were used in the two versions.

          Still, a very cool idea- one that sure get folks confused over on the various beer forums, especially since the current versions from both breweries are "batch #2's"- Brooklyn's first batch was draught only (the second batch was bottled on their new bottling line that's featured in the video that can be seen here by clicking on "Brooklyn Local 1" and then "Video"

          Schnieder's batch #2 is identified by the lack of the Brooklyn "B" logo on the new label.

          It does bring to mind to do a side-by-side soon before they all disappear from my beer fridge...

          1. re: JessKidden

            Ah, there is a difference! Thanks for the info. I bought the Brooklyn version a few weeks ago and then saw Schneider's in the store a week or so later. I thought the breweries were merely being clever. As you say, I now have a good excuse to go buy both.

            1. re: FlaHopper

              Big difference in flavor too. Brooklyn's version is really phenolic with cinnamon/clove thing going on. Tilting way too much to the phenolic side to be enjoyable imo. On the other hand the Schnieder version is more balanced between esters and phenols and although the hop character (are they still making this with Saphire hops?) is over the top for a Hefewiezen, its an interesting take on the style. YMMV ;-)

      3. Split a bomber of Steamworks Conductor Imperial IPA. Good stuff, but maybe a little pricey at $5. Although these days, maybe not.

        1. Xingu - A lager from Amazonia.

          Was offered it at a Brazilian steak house.

          VERY dark...color of Guinness...but VERY light in body and mouth feel.

          Fantastically refreshing and flavorful. My wife, a Rolling Rock drinker (insert joke of preference here), and I both loved it.

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          1. re: Monch

            Xingu sounds promising. Can I ask if it was a Fogo de Chao type of place?

            1. re: Mr Siegal

              Had to Google "Fogo de Chao" but I believe the concept is the same.

              Prix fixe for salad bar plus the meat. Gauchos roam around slicing off skewers..beef/pork/duck/sausage...Good stuff.

              Didn't have the Xingu with the dinner, but rather at the restaurant's sister bar.

            2. re: Monch

              Tried Xingu for the first time last weekend at Amazon, a churrascaria in Fullerton, CA. The beer was much better than the restaurant. Almost black in color, but like Monch noted, much lighter in taste, very drinkable.

              Also tried a bottle of Cintra, another Brazillian beer. This pilsner wasn't too exciting, should have drank more Xingu.

            3. Stoudt's Smooth Hoperator...too hoppy for me.
              Sierra Nevada Summer...great summer lager, nice and clean.
              Blue Point Toasted Lager...again nice light, clean with a little toasted note on the finish.
              Amadeus White...light ....taste of Fruit Loops on the finish.

              1. Gerry's Summer Ale
                Sam Adam's Mixed summer ale 12 pack.