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Jul 8, 2008 09:05 AM

Need Flushing recs before met game


I'm going out to shea on Sunday night to see the Mets and I can't bring myself to eat the too-expensive stadium fare. Any suggestions of what I might get in on Main Street (one stop away on the 7) that would be close to the subway and portable?

Bear in mind, I have to walk with this stuff and eat in the bleachers, so no soups, better not to have stuff that needs to be cut. Best to have buns, dumplings, maybe kebabs. Any recs about where to go that is fast and delicious?

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  1. Your situation is similar to when I'm flying back home and want something portable and clean to eat at the airport or on the plane. My suggestion is to try one of the bakery/cafes on or around Main St. Chinese bakers have become very creative as to what they will stuff into a bao (bun). Would you believe a potato salad filled bao? When they first came out, hot dog bao were quite a novelty, but now most of the bakeries carry them. I think it's Sunflower Delight at 40-46 Main St. that has the potato salad and many other varieties. You could also check Maxin Cafe, 135-24 40th Road or Vanilla Cafe, 135-40 Roosevelt Ave. for similar choices. All are very close to the #7 station.

    1. Perfect stadium food are the lamb burgers at the Xian stall at 41-28 Main Street. Much better than the overpriced crappy stadium food. $2.50 a piece, and two of them will have you very, very stuffed. They're good at room temperature too as they're very highly seasoned. Bring lots of napkins though. They can be on the greasy side.

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        - agree on the Xi'an stand, that is easy and meant to be taken out, also their specialty (liang pi) is also easy to take out, alot of people seem to do take out from that place
        - try the place under the lirr for their pork buns, very easy to transport
        - white bear - go get some dumplings (my favorite dumplings in flushing)...prince bet roosevelt and 40th rd
        - chao zhou - will have alot of bbq meats on rice and things like that that are easy to transport

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          I had lunch the other day at Zhou BBQ, not sure if it is same as chao zhou that you mention. This place is on Union near 41st. I forgot the city they said the chef is from, but they told me my friend from Shanghai would like the food. The city or town most of the people working there are from is in Northeastern China.
          The place was busy, small, big TV and the food was simple but excellent.
          The skewers were really good and also spicy. The tendon was my favorite, the lamb is the one they pushed when I asked which they liked best, the chicken heart was good too. The spicy lamb noodles/ soup was real good. The service was great.

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            not the same place, chao zhou closed a few years ago and renamed themselves red bowl, but they still have the meats in front

            also fyi chao zhou is the name of city in eastern guangdong, the people there have their own food and language (there are other cities like shantou too); their food is probably my 2nd fav chinese food after cantonese food; its known for its focus on very fresh seafood and generally being very light as they do alot of steaming as opposed to frying etc. i find it can have very complex flavors. unfortunately its very difficult to find in the US, they mainly migrated to southeast asia and not the US

            1. re: Lau

              Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I forgot name of city the waiter told me, I will go back to Zhou BBQ and ask again. They seemed to have a lot of lamb dishes. But the BBQ skewers , heavily spiced, were different from any BBQ i've had in the past. If you are ever over on Union , check it out

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                yah ive seen this place before, its new, it took over a korean-chinese restaurant

                This is the best skewer place ive found in NY:

      2. If you end up deciding that you're going to eat at the game, there is one place that I think is worth going to - Mama's of Corona (Leo's Latticini) has a stand on the 3rd base line, field level and they have terrific sandwiches. I ate there at the last game I went to. Really good fresh mozzarella and the bread was chewy and flavorful. I've been to their actual location in Corona and felt the quality was nearly the same - of course the store was a little better, but not by much.

        1. thanks for the suggestions

          1. I've taken some of the following to Mets games.

            Peking duck buns from Corner 28 (you could also get any kind of roast meat over rice). If they have rice noodles, get some of those.

            Fried dumplings from the place (I think on 41st Rd, down and across the street from Starbucks) -- although these should really be eaten hot, so have them on the train as a pre-game appetizer.

            Noodles from the stand under the LIRR on the west side of Main St. (I like the shrimp noodles but they also have others). You can also get a scallion pancake and steamed pork bun as well.

            All of this is portable and not too saucy, but you will be carrying a lot of styrofoam containers and plastic bags.

            One additional thought -- since the game is an 8:05 start, consider a sit-down dinner (Little Pepper would be my recommendation) and then take some of the above-mentioned snacks to nibble on during the game.