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Jul 8, 2008 08:36 AM

Argentina Steaks - Orlando

Does anyone know of any meat markets in the Orlando area that sell steaks from Argentina?

It's expensive driving to Miami to stock up on entrana!

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  1. While I can't respond directly to your inquiry (i.e., raw steaks from Argentina), I have enjoyed the churrasco (sp) steak at Choo Choo Churros Argentinian restaurant. THe location of the restaurant is questionable (Lake Underhill Rd & Semoran), but the food (and steaks) are truly excellent. Perhaps you can speak with the owner to identify the purveyor from whom he sources the meat.

    1. Here in Tampa we're loaded with Latin groceries / carnicerias that do enough of those similar cuts to keep me happy...

      They sell 3pk vacu bags with flavorful tender juicy skirt steaks (entraƱa), the beef ribs cut crosswise--- and one of my favorites, the cut they simply call 'churrasco' here--- more commonly called flap steak or flap meat...
      It's part of Argentinean 'vacio'--- just separated from the flank steak...

      I just grilled some this week and it was butter...

      Publix also pretty dependably sells a very good quality cut of 'inside skirt'...

      Why just tonight it was Morcilla night here at the house!

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