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Jul 8, 2008 08:34 AM

Luxurious brunch on a weekday

My parents will be joining us in NYC, and I know would be interested in a very nice breakfast/brunch. It will need to be on a weekday, so I would guess that we are looking at a hotel somewhere. I think atmosphere will be key for them, but I still want good food! Thanks,

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  1. Balthazar? It feels more upscale than some of the other weekday breakfast options.

    Other options: Morandi, Sarabeth's (multiple locations), Nice Matin, Clinton St. Baking Co. (not upscale atmosphere though). Norma's (overpriced but great atmosphere).

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    1. re: kathryn

      In my opinion, none of those are "very nice" or luxurious - they are all quite casual.

      I'd suggest Maze (by Gordon Ramsay) in the London Hotel, or Michael's on 55th St.., or Cafe Sabarsky on 86h & 5th.

    2. DB Bistro is open for breakfast.

      1. I haven't been to the newly opened version yet, but the Palm Court at the Plaza is definitely a luxurious experience. Not sure how the food is, but be prepared to pay.

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          It's a vile, ostentatious, gaudy place and the reviews of the food have been appallingly bad.

          1. re: gutsofsteel

            Haha, yes, but tell us how you really feel.

            1. re: offthebeatenpath1

              I have checked for Maze, and it doesn't look like it is available for brunch on weekdays, I see lunch/dinner menus only.

              How is the food at Michael's?

        2. If you want really fancy, go to the Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel for breakfast. Just the space itself is worth the trip.

          Of course, you can also return in the afternoon for their famous afternoon tea.

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          1. re: kobetobiko

            Have you tried the food since they've reopened? I've not been yet for a meal or tea.


            This didn't inspire me!

            1. re: kobetobiko

              I mentioned on another thread that a friend of mine had tea in The Palm Court recently. She said it was quite sumptuous and delicious. It doesn't surprise me that the pastries would be first-rate because Nichole Kaplan, formerly of EMP and Del Posto, is the pastry chef.

                1. re: MMRuth

                  The chef is Didier Virot, whose eponymous restaurant bombed big time! He may have been someplace else after that before landing at FR.OG, where things had not been going well before he left for this current position. From the little I've read about the food at The Palm Court, he may not last long there either.

                  Note: Acc. to this article in the "NY Post," Virot and Kaplan are only chefs for The Palm Court. The Oak Room and Oak Bar are being run by a company called Night Sky Holdings, which formerly operated Windows on the World and The Rainbow Room.


                    1. re: MMRuth

                      Not according to the hotel's website. It says "summer 2008." If the Oak Room were already open, they'd have more info about the restaurant than that.

                      1. re: RGR

                        Thanks - I was being lazy and not looking it up myself!

            2. try tavern on the green.