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Jul 8, 2008 08:28 AM

Moving to Lakeview...where to eat?

I'm moving to East Lakeview this week. What are the good neighborhood restaurants and cheap ethnic places I have to try? Anything within a mile's walk of Belmont and Broadway is good. I'll walk further for something truly amazing.

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  1. Ping Pong - Modern Asian Fusion-esque.
    Not kidding they have the best hot & sour soup for $1. - kind of a gimmick, but it is SO yummy. The whole menu is affordable, too.
    they also allow BYOB

    1. More than a mile away but definitely doable in nice weather - go down to Argyle Street for some good and cheap ethnic food. Or jump on the Broadway bus.

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        good call regarding Argyle St.,

        nothing better than some chinese bbq duck, or pork @ Sun Wah BBQ.

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          Argyle Street is nowhere close to Lakeview.

          If you're willing to hop on the CTA, there are great restaurants all over the city. But the OP is looking for places in Lakeview, within walking distance.

        2. PS Bangkok, on Clark a block or so north of Belmont, has a good Sunday buffet with the best pad thai in Chicago.

          1. Yoshi's Cafe ( at 3257 N. Halsted has been around for 20 years and serves immaculately preprared imaginative Asian and American cuisine. It's a bit of splurge (but casual), but it is fantastic, both for lunch, and especially for dinner.

            Another nice place is Erwin Cafe at 29?? Halsted. Great, no-frills contemporary American cuisine.

            Finally, for super, authentic Italian hop on the 152 bus and go west (about 10 minutes) on Addison to Terragusto Cafe. Small byob that makes their own pasta fresh daily - superb.

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              Thanks for all the suggestions! I can't wait to try them out. Does anyone have Mexican recommendations in the area? Either taquerrias or high-end is fine.

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                Try El Tapatio on Ashland & Roscoe. Been there 25+ years and for good reason. Authentic and good. Great Margaritas...

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                  Chilam Balam is an interesting restaurant with very creative Mexican food, on Broadway between Diversey and Belmont. It's very small and waits to be seated on weekends can be lengthy.