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Jul 8, 2008 08:12 AM

Restaurants With Great Views Near Asheville, NC?

We will be in Asheville for a few days next week and may do a road trip on or near the Blue Ridge Parkway at some point (not sure which direction we'll go on it). I'd love to find some restaurant on a mountaintop, ridge, on a lake, or anyplace that has great views. Any suggestions?

I remember that someone suggested the Pisgah Inn, and that indeed looks very nice, though I'd like some other options, too, especially if we head in the other direction. Also, I'd prefer casual, if possible. I don't think we'll go much further than Blowing Rock if we go northeast, or the TN border if we go west. Thanks!

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  1. Take the Parkway up to Pisgah Inn and the restaurant there. The food is pretty good, nothing extraordinary, and they do breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The view is incredible, so try and get a window seat.

    1. As warned, please remember the BRP is closed northbound between Asheville and Mt. Mitchell, so if you are headed to Blowing Rock via the BRP you will be stopped at Craggy Gardens. GO SOUTH!

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        If we went up to Hot Springs, could we cut over to Blowing Rock that way, or is that just a really long, slow way to head over there?

        Yeah, maybe we should head to the TN border instead. If we do, then we can definitely hit the Pisgah road closings between Asheville and the border going that way, are there?

        1. re: hiddenboston

          We were just there on Sunday the 6th, so no closings at this time.

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            Pisgah Inn is worth it for the view, but the food (at least at lunch) is bad. I have been advised that bfast and dinner are better.

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              Agreed. I'd either do a picnic lunch or early dinner by picking up provisions from EarthFare, Greenlife or another restaurant to-go, and dine along the parkway, or just enjoy the drive and eat at one of the many great places in Asheville.

        2. The Sunset Terrace at Grove Park has a very nice view.