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Jul 8, 2008 07:58 AM

5 Day Outer-Borough Eating Tour- HELP NEEDED!!

I have five days (Monday-Friday of next week) to hit up the best ethnic restaurants outside of Manhattan- All the restaurants I've "always wanted to go to", but have never made the time to try. I need your help. DiFara's pizza is on the list. So is Sripraphai. Is there a kick-ass Russian joint I need to try in Brighton Beach? Some Italian place near Arthur Avenue? Chinese or Indian awesomeness in Queens I need to get with? What about food from some country I've never heard of?

I'm looking for the best ethnic places to eat outside of Manhattan. Thanks for your help!

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    1. Umberto's on Arthur Avenue; if you do go to brigton for russian, try the baked clams at Gargiulo's

      (718) 266-4891
      Coney Island
      2911 W 15th St
      Brooklyn, NY 11224

      1. On Arthur Avenue, the best Italian restaurant is Roberto's, the best Neopolitan pie is Zeroe Otto Nove and the best sandwiches, eggplant parm and anti pasta platter is at Mike's Deli. Also, pick up some fresh mozzarella at Casa della Mozzarella and baked goods at Madonia Bros.

        Also in the Bronx, near Yankee stadium, is a great Jamaican joint called The Feeding Tree-the curried goat is awesome.

        In Queens, hit up Flushing Main Street for Chinese food. Go to Spicy and Tasty for a full meal and the AA Plaza under the LIRR for scallion pancakes. For dumplings and noodles, head down to the Dumpling Noodlehouse at 41-28 Mainstreet (downstairs). Then go to corner 28 at 40-28 mainstreet for a crazy good duck bun

        Also in Queens, head to Leo's Latticini in Corona for awesome hero sandwiches, Pio Pio in Jackson Heights for a peruvian rotisserie chicken, Jackson Diner in Jackson Heights for Indian and Taqueria Coatzingo for authentic Mexican (order the specials that are off the menu, written on paper and left on the table).

        And while you are in BK eating pizza at DiFara's, head down to Bensonhurst for L&B Spumoni gardens to have the best Sicilian pizza around at outdoor picnic tables. Finish off your meal with some sweet spumoni, ices or ice cream there and you will def be satisfied.

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          I live in Bensonhurst and have tried, I believe, every pizzeria in Bensonhurst. My hands down favorite for a Sicilian pie is Italia Pizza & Restaurant,
          307 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11223 (718) 339-0666. I have it delivered to my house at least once a week. The crust is lighter than air and the sauce is heaven.

        2. oh and I almost forgot, go to 108th street in Queens for a variety of shops/eateries with Kazakhstan cuisine.

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            That's actually Uzbeki cuisine you're referring to. And, yeah, I agree, that section of 108th Street (border of Forest Hills/Rego Park) makes a nice addition to any NYC ethnic eating tour. The old warhorse on that strip is Salut, which has been mentioned many times on this board. The newer kid in town, occupying a storefront that has housed about 4 restaurants and changed names nearly as many times, is Registan (formerly Shalom, formerly Beautiful Bukhara). There are also some wonderful markets in the area - makes for a nice stroll.

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              is it now registan again? last I recall, registan was closed but maybe it resurfaced? Arzu gets lots of praise, it's on QB nearish the 108th strip.

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                  peter, I went by tonight and indeed, it has resurfaced in that spot; not sure about the old place, squidkun. I did enjoy some meals there when registan was on 99th street, just nearby.

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                    This venue changes names more frequently than P. Diddy. The only time I checked it/them out was when it went by the name of Beautiful Bukhara, and I had a really good meal and wonderful, gracious service. My mouth is still watering at the memory of the juicy, delicious salmon kebab I had there - easily my favorite kebab out of all the celebrated joints in the area thus far.

            2. Gargiulo's seriously went downhill a few years ago. For Arthur Ave. Italian, the consensus is Roberto's. For Queen's Chinese, there are just too many in Flushing and from many different regions. A quick review of recent posts on the OB board should get you some recommendations. Forest Hills for Uzbek and Bukharin cuisine (heard of them?).

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                These are great suggestions. Please keep them coming!!

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                  If you make it to Arthur, aside from the Italian options (and Roberto's places, old and new, are the best choices for dining), stop at Tony and Tina's on 189th and Arthur and pick up a slice or two of Albanian cheese burek to take home (reheat in 400 deg. oven for 10 minutes - makes a great breakfast).