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Jul 8, 2008 07:18 AM

Pittsburgh: Sunday brunch and Saturday lunch

I will be visiting Pittsburgh from NYC for the first time this weekend with my fiance's family and will be staying at the Omni. I have read on the board that Lidia's is a good pick for Sunday brunch. Any other recommendations for Sunday brunch and Saturday lunch?

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  1. The Grand Concourse at Station Square always has a good Sunday Brunch. From the Omni, walk across the street to the steel plaza subway station, and take the subway across the river to station square.

    1. A short jaunt over to Shadyside to Walnut Grove for excellent Bloody Mary's and a really good crab Eggs Benedict. Although I have not been for brunch, Six Penn Kitchen downtown is now offering a brunch and I have had many a great dinners there. Nice dishes with local meats such as lamb and pork.

      For Saturday lunch, I would recommend walking through the Strip District and hitting up some food carts or maybe Eleven in the Strip for a really good Lobster Roll.

      1. You'd go to The Grand Concourse more for the ambiance than the food, as a food destination it is in no way worth it. I've always really enjoy Brunch at Lidia's. I'd say try Enrico's in the Strip Disctrict or Penn Ave. Fish Company, also in the strip, for lunch on Saturday. That will also give you a chance to check out the Strip District, a must do for a first time visitor.

        1. I second Enrico's as a choice for Saturday lunch. The food from their wood-fired oven and small selection of seasonal dishes are always excellent, the ambiance is great, and its well worth spending a few hours exploring the adjacent stores and cafes in the strip district before or after lunch.

          My favorite spot for Sunday brunch is Coca Cafe in Lawrenceville, about a mile and a half east of the strip, which has a great menu and ambiance.

          1. Saturday lunch suggestions:
            Peruse the Strip District shops (Penn Ave between 25-ish & 16th), and try:
            -Eleven for upscale dining (balcony & sidewalk seating) -
            -Kaya for funky atmosphere, yummy Carribean-inspired food (even if you're not a vegetarian, try the tofu cracklins. dang!), and great cocktails -
            -Roland's ( for the best lobster roll in town--it's not the traditional kind with mayo (but you can get that at Eleven with avocado fries that is fab, too), but it's big hunks of lobster meat grilled with herbs and butter on a giant roll. The atmosphere is okay (the balcony's the way to go), but the beer list and the sandwich are super!

            Or, if you're looking for a low-kay afternoon destination, visit the Phipps Conservatory ( in Oakland. Not only it is just an amazing place to spend an afternoon, the cafe there is so good! I had the Thai salad there a couple weeks ago, and can't stop thinking about it.

            For Sunday brunch, I like:
            -Point Brugge (Belgian)
            -Dozen Bake Shop

            Have a great visit!

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              Ehrrin just listed a bunch of great places, all places I've been to on several occasions. You couldn't go wrong with any of those choices. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get back to Point Brugge! I think I'll take my dad there before the Vintage Grand Prix.

              1. re: Rick

                Speaking of Point Brugge, I've heard rumors from several different sources that they're planning to open a second location on Bryant St. in Highland Park. Anyone know if this is still a go?

                1. re: hassenpfeffer

                  I grew up with the owner (Jesse) and I do not believe he plans to open up a 2nd location.
                  With 3 kids and the amount of hours he pours into the quality of the bruge, I can’t see it happening.
                  I live in New England now but when I come home I always make sure to eat at The Point at least once.(And Mineios 5 times )
                  Brunch is really good; it’s the kind of quality and cleanliness that you see up here in Boston.

              2. re: Ehrrin

                Thanks to all for great replies to my original post. As a whole, the city certainly exceeded my expectations. I chose Enrico's for Saturday lunch, which was okay. The pizzas were tasty, but the salad was a bit disppointing (wilted lettuce) and the service was inconsistent. One of the best parts of Enrico's was that it led me to the Strip District, where Pittsburgh has some of the best Italian grocers and Greek vendors. I indulged with a gyro from a Greek vendor outside of Pennsylvania Maccaroni Company, both of which I would highly recommend. For Sunday brunch, I ended up going with Lidia's which really had no breakfast component to the brunch (again, highly disappointed). All in all though, the ballpark food at PNC Park for our Saturday evening Pirates game (i.e., Primanti Bros) was terrific. Thanks to everyone again for their two cents.

                1. re: liebersh

                  Thanks for the report back. Lidia's has their brunch menu online, so I'm not sure why you though it would be breakfast intensive. Still boggles my mind how this board is split in half on Lidia's, those that like really seem to like it and others seem to hate it, there seems to be no middle ground. Glad you liked Primanti's, a lot of visitors don't.