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Jul 8, 2008 06:50 AM

Anyone try Good Stuff Eatery yet?

Spike from Top Chef opened his new Capitol Hill burger joint yesterday. I saw one glowing customer review on the Washington Post, but has anyone else tried it?

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  1. Here's another post with some info:

    I know a few people on Don Rockwell have tried the burger as well.

    For the record, I don't really read the reviews on unless they are written by Tom. I just find them a tad hard to trust. And Tom himself has said to skip over them. Not that I think Good Stuff is good or bad---I'll be trying it on Weds so I'll let you know :)

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      Interesting write up on the Capitol Spice blog, but I'll be interested to hear how the food and service are now that it's officially open. With visions of lines streaming out the door, I think I'll wait another week or so before venturing in.

    2. I tried to go yesterday with a couple co-workers. Line was 3-4 deep and about a 1/2 block long. I appreciate a good burger but don't want to fight Bravo TV fans to for an hour to get one.

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        Are the line mostly during lunch, dinner or both? Because I'm going tomorrow and trying to figure out if the line will be incredibly long around 5:45-6:00pm for dinner.

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          Dunno about dinner - but the wait at lunch yesterday was AT LEAST an hour judging by the length of the line and how fast it was moving. It might be better at dinner, not so many staffers around.

          1. re: scotcheroo

            We went yesterday around 8:45/9 pm -- the first day -- and it took about an hour to go through the line, place our order, and get our burgers / drinks. The burgers are very good but it required a lot of patience. Service is pretty disorganized (or maybe overwhelmed by the crowds). The fries were good but would have been better if they were warm -- I suspect they cooled during the wait.

            Bottom line: If you can stand waiting, it is worth going, especially if you don't mind the kinks. Otherwise maybe wait until the crowds are fewer or try to go at an hour when it will not be crowded. (Not sure when that is.)

            1. re: dc_eater

              ...I hope it's busy that late...


        2. re: scotcheroo

          A week won't cut it. I suggest you wait until August recess when most Capitol Hill restaurants empty out.

        3. How does it compare to Ray's new joint?

          1. I went last night. Will report my version, and if the other chowhounder I went with wishes to contribute, then hopefully they will!

            1. Went last night and I have to give it an enthusiastic "meh." The queue wasn't too bad at around 7:30, the problem comes from everyone waiting for their orders crowding. Despite the near feeding frenzy, the staff remained exceptionally friendly, cooperative and willing to hand out free beer on a moment's notice.

              I got a Spike's 5 Napkin, Village Fries, and a Chocolate shake. The burger was seriously under impressive (tiny, overcooked patty) though the toppings and bun were pretty good. The fries basically just tasted like peanut oil and i really wished I had got onion rings after trying my friends (side note about the mayo bar: I'm not a huge mayo fan but the sentiments at my table were all pretty similar. The Old Bay is too Old and Bayish, the mango is terrible, the chipotle is alright, and the Sriracha has a kick if not much flavor). My shake was alright, I didn't like it at first because it reminded me a lot of a McDonald's shake but after a while I started to come around on it.

              Overall, I'm going to hold off on a final judgment until I go back sometime after the crowds die down and the staff has had time to get everything worked out. Also, I'm not going to go to Ray's only a few days before because it seriously overshadowed my Good Stuff experience.