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Jul 8, 2008 06:12 AM

Lake George Summer Restaurants?

I'm looking for restaurant recommendations for the Lake George area. We'll be renting a house near the lake for the first time in a few weeks and don't know the area at all.
Looking for good food, moderately priced, outdoor dining if possible, somewhat kid friendly (we'll have a 4 year old with us some nights).
Any suggestions?

And are there any good ice cream places in the area too?

Thanks in Advance!

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  1. The Log Jam, right on route 9 N is a consistent family restaurant and also on 9 is a great ice cream place, across from the great escape. There is another place in Warrensburg, I think it is called the Grist Mill that has some outdoor dining, I believe.

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      The Grist Mill is very good... not outdoors, but with a view of the water.

      Also second the Log Jam.

      The ice cream place is Martha's.

      1. re: jaylhorner

        Martha's is great - near there is Sutton's, which is very good for breakfast and lunch. The Grist Mill is very good - I would go early if you have a 4 year old, and be aware that for kids they do 1/2 sizes of their regular entrees (though you can also do a side of pasta, like fettucine alfredo, which is what we did for our kids). It's kid-friendly, but definitely not a kids restaurant, so just be aware and bring distractions (they also do have crayons and coloring pages you can ask for.)

        For kid-friendly, we also like Pumpernickel's (German-American), Mr. Brown's Pub at the Sagamore, and pizza from Cate's Italian Garden. (All are in Bolton Landing.) If you eat at Mr. Brown's you can wander the grounds of the Sagamore, which are lovely. I think Davidson's Brewery in Glens Falls is relatively kid friendly (though I've only been there with adults so perhaps someone can chime in?), and it has good brewpub fare.

        Options that are not so kid friendly - the Club Grille (at the Sagamore Golf Course), the Trillium Bis at the Sagamore, and if you want to stray further, the Friends Lake Inn is fabulous.

        The Sagamore also has a ship called The Morgan which does dinner cruises - may not be appropriate for kids, but it's a lovely ride.

        Enjoy the trip!

        1. re: kerryfood

          The Sagamore is not moderately priced as OP requested. They do offer high tea and a raw bar on the gorgeous veranda. OP, The Sagamore also has a dress code you need to be aware of. Kerryfood, have you been to The Inn at Erlowest? Their new chef started in January (former chef at Jack's in Albany). OP there is a restaurant on the Lake side heading away from town/touristy part towards The Sagamore. I can't remember the name but we had lunch there recently (I like the pecan crusted chicken salad). Perhaps another hound will know the name. It's also kid friendly.

          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            True, the Trillium certainly isn't moderately priced - I got carried away when I saw they didn't need recommendations solely for kid-friendly. Though I have heard (but not yet experienced) that the Trilium has a new menu with small plates and such - not sure how that would truly affect the price point however. I thought the Trillium was now more casual (dress-wise)? Perhaps not... again, haven't been yet this year. The website has more info on the new menu and such. ( Mr. Brown's Pub at the Sagamore is fairly moderate though.

            financialdistrictresident - Not yet made it to Erlowest though we've been meaning to... I heard mixed reviews when it first opened but the new chef sounds interesting - have you been? I'm trying to think of what restaurant you are thinking of in Bolton.. is it north or south from Sagamore Road? Is it actually lakefront?

            1. re: kerryfood

              Thanks, kerryfood. Have not been to Erlowest yet. Hope to get there soon and check it out. Wanted to give the new chef some time since he just started in January.

              The restaurant is on the road that heads to The Sagamore - near all the little shops and restaurants. It may be lake view vs. lake front. It is on the right side of the road before you make the right turn for The Sagamore. Last time I was at The Sagamore I walked to the ? restaurant.

              1. re: financialdistrictresident

                I believe you might be talking about the Lakeside Grille - lakeview, on the main road. I didn't like it in it's last incarnation (House of Scotts) but it changed a couple (maybe more?) of years back and I haven't been since. Their website lists a pecan crusted chicken salad, so that is probably the place... we'll have to give it a try - thanks for the rec!

                1. re: kerryfood

                  thanks, kerryfood. We are planning a night at The Inn at Erlowest so I'll report back on the restaurant (see recent post with a review another hound posted).

    2. We just returned from a week in the area and had a great meal at Contessa (1/4 mile north of grand union in bolten 518-644-2960)restaurant9 in Bolton landing, also for breakfast try Grandma's on 9n on your way to bolten great breakfast and they are known for there dinner specials.A & W Rootbeer in LG is great, and don't forget to go to the glen drive in for a night out at the movies, $7.00 pp for a double feature.