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Mar 31, 2003 04:00 PM

Boba in Monrovia????

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Anyone know of a Boba place close to Monrovia California? I work at glendale and get mine there but it sure would be nice to get one on my off days.

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  1. Bunch of places in Arcadia have boba. Au 79 in the shopping center at Baldwin and Naomi is supposed to be one of the better ones. Also recall a place called Be Be Cafe on Duarte Rd. By the way, where do you get boba in Glendale?

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      I just tried Aloha Boba in the Huntington Plaza across from Le Roy's, and I really enjoyed it. Nice atmosphere, about 50 teas to choose from, even some sandwiches and ice cream. Free wireless too.

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        yeah i like this place too. i like their island fruit tea. they use fresh ingredients. i don't usually like boba, so i stick to the teas. my friends on the other hand like boba, and so they like going here too when we're in the area. and i think they are open late.

    2. hey sue try the BoomBoom(or Boom Boom)cafe in Duarte much better than the ones in Arcadia.My buddies and I always get the Boom Cappuccino and recently tried the Vanilla Kick.It sure beats starbucks.

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        WOW! Thank You Paul. That was just 5 minustes away from my house. And that was one good boba I had. I'm not much of a coffee drinker so didn't try that but I tried their Milk Tea slush and that is so far the best milk tea slush I've had so far. I went there on Monday just to find that they were close, but I gave them a try yesterday and I am just impressed. They even gave me a coupon for a Buy one Get one Free so I think I'll treat myself today. Again thanks for the tip.

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          I tried to look up various versions of boomboom cafe with yahoo and google with no luck...can you please give an approximate location. Thanks this place sounds good.

          1. re: buggin

            Chan's Boom Boom Cafe
            1366 Huntington Dr
            Duarte, CA 91010