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Jul 8, 2008 03:03 AM

Saving $ Favorite Marked Down/Reduced Food Finds

In an effort to economize, I am wondering if people are willing to share their favorite marked down food finds/places. Fruits, vegetables, baked goods, etc. You know, those hidden carts in the back corner of the market with reduced stickers on them.

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  1. I find it's worth checking out the "gourmet" foods section at T.J. Maxx (yes, there is one!)

    Like anything else there what you find is hit or miss, but I've gotten very good deals on things like Antica Italia olive oil, Dave's Gourmet pasta sauces, and a variety of Melinda's products like habaƱero bean dip and habaƱero ketchup.

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      Picked up a 16.8 fl oz bottle of Reims Champagne Vinegar for $5 at a Marshalls on the 4th.

    2. Ocean State Job lots has large selection of canned/boxed goods, snacks, condiments, etc. It can be hit or miss as the stock changes quite a bit. They do have a huge selection of Bob's Red Mill grains. I think the Quincy location is the closest to Boston; it's not a long walk from the North Quincy T.

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        I always buy my olive oil at Job Lot. They also have extremely cheap spices.

      2. Wilson's Farm in Lexington has several smallish carts throughout the store with marked down produce. I've bought some wonderful red & yellow peppers and squashes. Their Litchfield NH farm has medium sized bags of vegetable combos for insanely low prices.

        Edit: Just remembered reading, on CH, about PriceRite on the Lynnway in Lynn. I've never been, but apparently their prices a very low.

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          If you want to buy ripe tomatoes at Wilson's, the cart with marked-down veggies is exactly where to look. Last week I got six (three packages of two) tomatoes that were dead ripe, had nothing wrong with them, and were priced at $1.49/lb. Sooooo good!

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            That mark-down cart at Wilson's is toward the back, just in front of where the bakery starts. Some unbelievable deals there, especially before and after Tuesdays when they are closed.

        2. The Allston Shaw's occasionally has things on an unmarked sale. I went over to pick up a couple boxes of arborio rice recently during their current remodel and discovered that they both rang up at $1.15 per box, which was half price. (The boxes were the tiniest bit shopworn -- a slightly loose glue flap, that sort of thing.) So I wheeled back to the international food aisle and picked up the remaining four boxes as well.

          Hey, we eat a lot of risotto in this house. It's nice to not have to worry about running out of arborio for a while!

          1. Russo's has packages of produce ripe and ready for $1.00 per package at the far end where chinese vegetables are located. Usually good deal if you use them that day. Made a great batch of guacamole for example.

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              Christmas Tree Shops also stock food- some hit (Olde Cape Cod jams, dressings; neat shapes/sizes of pasta) or miss (Peeps... in July..?). Worth a shot!