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Jul 7, 2008 08:22 PM

Venice Restaurants for non fish-eaters

We are going to be in Venice in August. My kids and I are not big fans of fish/seafood. Any suggestions for a couple of great restaurants with several non-fish items ?

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  1. I am sure that there are others, but we had an excellent dinner at Ai Gondolieri. It was here that I had my first taste of lardo and I swooned so much that they brought me an entire complimentary platter of bruschetta di lardo.. But apart from that, the place, in Dorsoduro, is lovely and specializes in meat.

    1. Zuccaro in Campo San Giacomo di Lorio. Not only do they serve a lot of yummy vegetarian dishes like Mom used to make (I had a corn flan with mac and cheese that was to die for), it's one of the oldest and still native parts of Venice, very peaceful--tourists hardly ever go there. You need reservations fror Zuccaro though. It's tiny!

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        Are you talking about La Zucca just off San Giacomo dell' Orio?

        For the OP - Taverna San Trovaso and Casin dei Nobili are good places to take kids and both have lots of non-fish items. La Zucca is great, too.

      2. Fiaschetteria Toscano (in the Canareggio district, not far from the Rialto Bridge) is very good and certainly has meat on the menu. It is on the expensive side.

        1. Alla Zucca is good for meat and vegetables but does not have any seafood on the menu. Another good non-seafood place is La Bitta in Dorsoduro. Taverna San Trovaso is a good with kids because it is bustling and lively with a large menu to choose from. A couple of moderate restaurants that have non-seafood items are: Da Alberto and Alla Frasca. I think the above restaurants are opened at least part of August. It is wise to check.

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            I agree with the other posters. Taveran San Trovaso is a good choice. Also went with my husband (non fish eater) to LaBitta in Dorsoduro.
            He also liked Birraria La Corte in San Polo.

          2. Please note that while Ai Gondolieri does have a very nice non-fish menu, it is rather pricey. My wife and I have enjoyed many excellent meals there, but I'm not sure if I'd go there with kids. Your choice. Also please note that reservations are essential at La Bitta (we were there one night when Rick Steves found that out). On the Giudecca Canal right next to the Zattere vaporetto stop is da Gianni. They make excellent pizza in addition to some other non-fish dishes. There's outdoor dining, the staff is extremely friendly, will repay your cordiality with the same and the atmosphere is casual. I found the nearby Alle Zattere to be very un-friendly and usually -despite its "Pizzeria" sign - the waiters try to talk you out of ordering same. A few steps farther west - left as you look at the canal - you will found La Piscina which has a really nice area out over the water where you could have a drink and some nice casual food in a marvelous setting. At six the bells of the Redentore and other churches will entertain you.