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Jul 7, 2008 08:18 PM

Reasonable 'Portland' Dinner

Hey all ~ I'm going to be in Portland 2 nights for business and I am trying to make some dinner plans.

I've read through some of the other posts and think I want to try Sel Gris one of the nights. I don't think I can afford that type of restaurant 2 nights in a row though so I'm having trouble deciding on a place for the other night.

I will be dining alone and would like to eat somewhere that focuses on local ingredients if possible. Downtown would be best but I do have a car and could travel.

Any ideas?

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  1. I think you can eat for a pretty reasonable price at Clyde Common, which is also downtown, focuses on local, seasonal ingredients, and has communal tables which are very conducive to single diners. If you can go during happy hour (3-6 PM) you can get one of the best deals in town. Tabla would require you to drive to 28th Ave East, but you could get locally grown food and they have a $24 dinner deal where you get to choose an appetizer, a primi, and a secondi. There is a counter overlooking the kitchen, which is also a great place for a single diner.

    1. Clyde, Ten-01, and Andina could all be done without breaking the bank. You can even more economical if you decide to go ethnic, which gives you Karam (Lebanese) and Tandoor Indian Kitchen.

      Secret trick: Tanuki has an unlisted "omakase" option wherein you give a price point (for instance, $15) and you then get served a series of items totalling up that much.

      1. Check out Le Pigeon. Eat at the counter.