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Jul 7, 2008 08:07 PM

Chula Vista - need recs for this weekend.

Hello fellow chowhounds,

My wife and I are going down to visit her parents this weekend in Chula Vista. I've already been told that we won't be going into TJ, so I am looking for the next closest thing to being in TJ. I want to eat the best, most authentic tacos and Mexican style seafood. We will also be cooking dinner one night and would like to hit up a farmers market, are there any Saturday markets in the vicinity of Chula Vista we can visit?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions...

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  1. I'll do the work Jay since this is my favorite subject [Mexican cuisine in the South Bay]!

    If you would like the quintessential TJ experience I would say head to Romesco's in neighboring Bonita. It will give you a glimpse into the world of Modern Mexican cooking by way of Tijuana championed Baja Med.

    Please go and try Aqui es Texcoco for some of the best tacos anywhere - that of central Mexican pit bbq lamb! Also easily the best rolled tacos in the county and rare ingredients such as fresh huitlacoche, sesos and epazote, papalo, flor de calabaza are available. Dont forget to order the beyond delicious consomme and huitlacoche quesadilla. This is a first class restaurant whose original location is in TJ.

    There is always Tacos El Gordo for TJ tacos!

    For Mexican Seafood - you are in the best place South of LA and North of the Border my friend.

    Mariscos Godoy is my favorite Sinaloense style seafood restaurant at the moment.

    But Los Arcos just opened as of this month - which I have not checked yet.

    The best fish taco I have yet had in SD county is located at a Toysrus parking lot:

    The only farmers market I am aware of is at Otay ranch and it take place tues evenings but its spectacular.

    hope this helps and hope to hear back about your trip!

    1. Tacos El Gordo on H Street. It's just off the 5 past the trolley station.