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Jul 7, 2008 08:06 PM

Decorah IA recs?

Hi Hounds...

We're going to be up in Decorah for our 10th wedding anniversary and only have time for one lunch and one dinner. What places would you recommend?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Wow, what a coincidence. I'm a Luther College graduate and lived in Decorah for 4 years. I would move back there in a heartbeat if I could. Dinner is easy: Mabe's Pizza, some of the best pizza in the midwest. The Stonehearth Inn on Hwy 9 could be an alternate choice. T-Bocks is a great lunch choice if you enjoy burgers. Try the locally famous Erma Burger or the peanut butter burger if you're adventurous... the slippery chicken is also a longtime favorite. Cafe Deluxe used to be a wonderful lunch choice but not sure if that is open any more. Marty's on the Luther campus also has some good lunch menu choices. You can eat and take a short walk around the beautiful Luther campus with a gorgeous view of the Oneonta Valley. Marty's is in the Union on campus. Hope this helps and hope you enjoy my home-away-from home in Decorah.

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      Gunder for the Irish Shanti world famous Gunder burger, it's a bit of a drive but worth it. Or, you can go to St. Olaf for what is arguably the best tenderloin in the state. And, you can't go wrong fwith ruby's for a grand breakfast.

    2. We recently had two very nice dinners in Decorah. Dayton House really does nice fish. I had one of then tastiest versions of Opah that I've had in years. The place is BYOB so its pretty cheap for the overall dinner.

      The next evening we had a nice meal again at Rubaiyat. Both have online menus from links at:

      If you do wish to tour some farmland I'll second Gunder or as it''s real name is The Irish Shanti. We had the best prime rib french dip sandwich as a special one day. Great find. If you like Mexican there is a very good one in Postville and Decorah Sabor Latino.

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        We were just recently up that way and at @ the Irish Shanti. I had a delicious fish sandwich and salad bar for $4 something and my SIL loves the Philly steak sandwich. Ruby's is also good for lunch. Second Dayton House and Rubaiyat for dinner.

      2. Ufta! I used to work in Norway w/ some Luther Mafia. I know the street signs of Decorah are in Norwegian. Are there any Norsk eateries?
        Takk so mye!
        Muhlenberg Alum.

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          Thanks guys for the info! I made dinner reservations at Rubiyat, and am still thinking about where to go for lunch. Now that there are so many choices, we may just have to have TWO lunches there, one on the way into town, the other on the way out!

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            I'm not sure where you are from, but there is a nice loop I can think of through some pretty farms and a couple of very noncommercial Amish stores with nice candies, jams and handcrafts. Then through some limestone hollows with some nice forests. A nice 65-75 mile loop I suppose. Another Amish area has veggies and eggs.

            We have a place that is so reasonable we just get giggles Grilled cheese sandwich, fries and cup of soup $3.25. The Old Rossville Store. The Irish Shanti would also work really well on this loop.

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