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Jul 7, 2008 07:56 PM

Melograno or Salento?

I haven't been to either, but both are on my short list. Any thoughts on food/service at both places? Any can't miss dishes or tips?

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  1. I beleive Melegrano is closed for the summer. They are moving a few blocks away from the original location.

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    1. re: philly123

      They're headed up towards 20th and Sansom. Not sure when they open up again but I would definitely choose Melograno over Salento, although I did enjoy Salento as well.

      1. re: philly123

        I am aware of the move. Melograno is open until the end of the month. Maybe the 27th but I could be wrong on exact date? At least long enough for me to get there this week in it's current space. Although, I am definitely looking forward to seeing Dave Katz in action again. Dude is a beast....but back to the original question, other thoughts?

      2. I really enjoy the warm Squid & Shrimp salad with cannelini beans in a lemon vinagrette at Melograno.