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Jul 7, 2008 07:46 PM

Breakfast Tuesday morning around Lombard/Oak Brook

I'm staying at the Westin in Lombard and would love recommendations for breakfast tomorrow morning (Tuesday) in the general area.


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  1. We live about 2 miles directly west and our all-time favorite is Egglectic Cafe. It's about 3 miles west of the Westin in Wheaton in the Town Square shopping area (just north of Butterfield on Naperville Road).

    1. From the Westin I'd head west to Finley Rd and seek out Juicy-O in the same strip mall as Margaritaville.

      Fresh made little donut holes and on sight squeezed OJ are the big draws.

      Mmmm donuts.....

      1. Egg Harbor Cafe at Yorktown Mall is worth a taste. Also Maxfields on Roosevelt Road is good. On Highland Avenue is the Omega Restaurant.