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Where can I buy maldon salt near Soho?

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Hello ~ After a long time of enjoying, and loving maldon salt, served at restaurants all over, I finally decided to purchase it for my own home... but haven't had any luck finding it anywhere!

Anyone know where, near Soho ideally, I can buy it? Thanks!

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  1. I'll bet that Dean and Deluca will carry it. You'll probably pay through the nose though.

    1. I would think that it is available at Dean & DeLuca as well as Whole Foods.

      1. It is definitely available at the Whole Foods on Houston St.

        1. I bought Maldon Salt at both Dean & Deluca and Whole Foods before.

          1. I think the Citarella on 6th Avenue carries it as well. You might also check Gourmet Garage and Murray's.

            1. fyi, in addition to those shops already mentioned, Maldon is also carried by Food Emporium and Fresh Direct

              1. Thank you so much... for all the different locations!!

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                  go to GG soho,
                  Broome and Mercer ST,
                  it on the bottom shelf,
                  in the spice section by the freezer