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Jul 7, 2008 06:56 PM

Report: Buckeye Roadhouse

We had lunch Sunday at the Buckeye Roadhouse in Tam Valley. There were three of us. Everything was really really good.
The teenager had the pulled pork sandwich, which she said was one of the best ever. And the pork was lean enough for her -- she hates fat. The sauce had a nice complex flavor. It came with a generous portion of very crisp-fresh coleslaw, and garlic fries that she claimed had just the right amount of garlic.
My partner had the Smoked Brisket Hash with poached eggs and grilled toast. It was more like a stew, since it had some liquid, but was very tasty -- "kinda smoky, barbeque-y" she said when I asked.
I had a Smoked Pork Chop with chive mashed potatoes and apricot chutney. The mashed potatoes were to die for. And I'm not that big a fan of potatoes. They asked how cooked I wanted the pork chop. It was thick and flavorful -- and they had removed most of the fat.
We ordered a side dish of grilled asparagus. Our teenager pronounced it "perfect". Just the right amount of doneness, and a sprinkle of Parmesan.
We drank watermelon coolers. Nice, not too sweet. A bit odd for me.

We were very pleased with the meal. It totaled $71 and change. And the valet parking is free. (and the people before us paid for the valet's tip, because the people before them had paid their's and they wanted to pass it on.)

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  1. Nice report ... and nice the valet let you know.

    Buckeye Roadhouse
    15 Shoreline Highway, Mill Valley, CA 94941

    1. Love Buckeye, havn't been in a while but at one time my husband ate in the bar (great people watching and comfy booths) every Fri. for almost a year and always had a good to great meal. Consistent cooking, fresh food, great cocktails, one of the best restos in Marin.