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Jul 7, 2008 06:51 PM

ethiopian on a sunday?

running a 10K next sunday and I was looking to have a meal at Queen of Sheba in the afternoon, post-race. but they are closed! can anyone recommend a good place? willing to travel but not outside of manhattan (unless ghenet brooklyn REALLY gets a strong rec from someone). the race is in central park.

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  1. How about Meskerem? It's around the same area, and the food is on par with QOS.

    Good luck on your race!

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    1. re: Miss Needle

      I would not recommend Meskerem. Definitely not on par with QOS. Since you're around Central Park I would check out Zoma in Harlem, which is open for lunch on weekends. I ate there when it opened and thought it was really good. Quiet and upscale.

      1. re: yt28

        I haven't been to Zoma but have heard good things about it. Why do you think that Meskerem is not on par with QOS?

        1. re: Miss Needle

          I've lived in Ethiopia and QOS is the closest of all the Ethiopian restaurants in Manhattan in terms of food quality and atmosphere (still, nowhere near restaurants in DC and they're nowhere near restaurants in Ethiopia...sigh). I've only eaten at Meskerem once and haven't been back for a comparison (esp with QOS right around the corner) so I can't remember the details, except that I could barely finish my food. I do recall that the injera was really bland and dense and tasted like it'd been sitting around for a few days, the gored gored was severely lacking in any spices, and the rest of the dishes were just an oily mess.

          Zoma's doro wot was delicious when I ate there about two years ago. Do check it out and report back!

          1. re: yt28

            I wrote a review on this other thread; I liked the doro but the actual portion of chicken served was miniscule and there was no heat, although the flavor was excellent.


        2. re: yt28

          thanks I was looking at zoma (which looks nice) or the awash (uws). I may end up going with zoma anyway.

          I'd have to agree, I've had meskerem at both its locations and was disappointed with the hell's kitchen one. hard to pinpoint but I didn't enjoy the experience; the injera was not so good, the room was quite dingy and, just didn't really like it. I like queen of sheba a lot although, I can see it potentially stagnating over time (although it's still my fave, haven't eaten there for maybe 2 years).

          thanks for the luck missneedle; I'm just trying to finish the damn thing, but I think a veggie combo with some kitfo would be a most enticing carrot.

      2. Why is QOS closed ? I thought they were open by noon 7 days a week.

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          1. re: bigjeff

            The website's wrong. I called a few weeks ago, and they're open as usual on sundays. they didn't seem too concerned about the incorrect info when i went in, and dinner that night was tasty as usual.

        1. Well I do give ghenet brooklyn a strong rec....I had one of my favorite ethopian meals ever there (certainly on par with QOS), but it seems like you may be set with manhattan recs.

          1. What about Ghenet downtown?

            1. "The Ethiopian Restaurant" (that's the actual name) on the UES is decent.