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Jul 7, 2008 06:44 PM

Any eats on Taconic North of Red Hook?

We will be going up the Taconic next week and need a lunch stop somewhat north of Red Hook or along Route 295 towards Pittsfield? Nothing fancy, just good eats.

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  1. The town of Chatham just before I90 is full of all kinds of eateries. Our Daily Bread is a local favorite for a quick lunch, or Lippera's across the street for a more relaxed meal. I've also heard there's a new Mexican place that is great, although I haven't been yet.

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      I would second the Lippera's recommendation. One of our favorites for a good, reasonably priced lunch. For something even cheaper, but still good, you could get off the Taconic and get right back on after if you eat at the West Taghkanic Diner, on Route 82 at the Hudson/Ancram exit. It's a typical diner menu, but the food is all prepared from scratch, quality is better than the typical diner and it has a fun, old-fashioned 40's diner atmosphere, and the service is great. My favorite is the corned beef reuben, done the right way with the bread buttered and grilled (so many places don't even toast the bread!).

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        I second the Taghkanic Diner. My family started skiing up at WIndham when I was in school. Have been stopping there ever since. Best diner food I've ever had.

        As kids we went gaga for the battered mozzarella sticks. And an opened face (fresh) turkey sandwich with nice crispy fries, and extra gravy for dipping, always made me happy.

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          The taghkanic diner is awesome. I can eat the gravy like a soup. The chicken wings are HUGE and very fresh. The pizza place across the street from the diner(Jo jo's) is great as well

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        Where's the new Mexican restaurant in Chatham? Anyone eaten there?

        1. re: mjoyous

          It's called Destino or something similar, at 112 Hudson St. I found their phone, 392-6663.
          I haven't been up since they opened, but my Mom and nieces seem to go there constantly. They love the food and margaritas and also the prices are reasonable. Since they all spend a lot of time in San Diego I figure they know if it's good!

          1. re: coll

            Thanks! Will have to try soon, and report in.

      3. Any good places to eat north of Red Hook?