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Jul 7, 2008 06:40 PM

Al Fresco in Boston


My wife and I are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary on Thursday and are heaidng into Boston. I'm looking for a cool place to eat outisde. I read the latest Boston Magazine on this very subject, but wanted some first person accounts of cool/good food places to have a bite outdoors. I'm not sure we've eaten outside in Boston besides Casa Romero (which was pretty good).

No restriction on food type or price, just looking for a cool experience. We have 3 kids and my mom is staying over the house so no rushing back (to Sutton, MA).

Any advice is appreciated.

Mark Adamowicz

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  1. A welcoming host, chef and waiters imported from France, good food served at a comfortable pace to draw out the experience. LaVoile on Newbury, on the patio. The care and will try to make is special if you tell them what you need.

    1. Rocca in the So. End and Scampo in the Liberty Hotel, probably have the best outdoor dining experiences. Hamersleys, also in the So End is wonderful, but not quite as secluded from traffic as the other two. dante at the Royal Sonnesta in Cambridge has a great view of the city. You would not be disappointed in any of these places, and if it's of any concern, Rocca is probably the least expensive.

      1. Abe & Louie's on the patio, right on Boylston.

        1. I second Dante. Other nice ones include Oleana & Harvest.

          1. *Edit* Here's a link to the Boston Magazine article mentioned in the first post:

            I initially thought this would be of great help to the original poster, but then took the time to actually read his post. Can't find a way to delete my post....