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Jul 7, 2008 06:36 PM

"Deli" style BBQ Cod question.

After an unsuccessful "googling", it's time to call out the big guns---why the chow-hounders of course!

In the past I've found recipes for just about everything I've ever wanted to cook, somewhere in cyberspace. I'm stumped though when it comes to the moist and flavorful BBQ Cod that I purchase in Deli's---the Cod that costs something like $30 per pound! I'd love to hear that a Chowhound knows how to create this marvelous Cod---from scratch! And then, of course share the recipe/technique!

Thanks and happy cooking,

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  1. The problem might be that you're searching for "BBQ" cod, and what you really want is grilled cod. BBQ is technically the technique of cooking cheap cuts of meat low and slow to produce tender, smoky meat.

    Could you give us more info on how the cod you purchase is seasoned? Do you get it at a specific place called Deli's or just delis in general? You can pretty much grill any kind of fish you want, and some people prefer using a grill basket.

    In any case, here's a link to 17 results for grilled cod from

    1. Hi Jeff. I have had the exact same question for quite some time, and I have been equally unsuccessful when googling for relevant information. Have you found anything out about this? I live in Argentina at the moment, where I can't even buy BBQ Cod at any price. I have learned to make my own bagles (not bad!), and I have made my own lox. Now I want to make BBQ cod, which is by far my favorite - please let me know if you have any information about this (or even better, a recipe!).

      Regards, BZ.

      1. There is nothing better than Sable aka bbq Cod. I do not know why it is colored orange, but it is my favorite. Try researching using Kosher style or Kosher Cooking. Try contacting a local kosher caterer and asking them.

        1. I have been searching for this "bbq cod" also. I grew up eating this fish and can't find it anywhere. If I could make it myself, I would. Anyone have any information on this fish, it would greatly be appreciated!!!!

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            Here is a youtube video that explains how to make it at home (

            I have also found the "black cod" for $2.99 per pound at a Korean Market called "H-Mart". (


            I am going to try making this as soon as I get a chance. Now I just have to figure out how to make it red/orange.... :.)

            Good luck to you!

          2. Maybe it's cold smoked cod (recipe/technique) that's sold generically as BBQ cod?

            Here's a link and it sounds like what you're talking about:

            This in particular caught my eye:

            Many types of fish can be hot-smoked. In addition to salmon, commercially available choices include trout, various tunas, and the Northwestern fish properly known as sablefish but usually marketed as "black cod." The golden-colored whole smoked whitefish sold in delis also fall into this category, as do smoked mackerel and bluefish.

            Don't expect to slice hot-smoked fish the way you can lox; it will crumble if cut too thin. Cut hot-smoked fish into cubes, chunks, or thick slices, or just flake it apart along the natural seams between the muscles. In this form, the fish is ready to use in salads and other cold dishes, or gently warmed in a pasta sauce.

            Ideally, smoked fish should get its flavor and mahogany color from the smoke, but many cheaper smoked fish have smoke flavor added, and some varieties, like some hot-smoked and garishly colored "kippered" salmon, use artificial food color as well. In fact, some of the brightly-colored cured fish sold in supermarkets are not smoked at all, simply flavored with a cure that includes smoke flavoring.