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Homemade Oreos @ Flour

Okay, I hope someone doesn't tell me this has been discussed before, as I guess
I'm too lazy to search topics before the excitement of posting !
Anyways, on a weekly visit to Flour Bakery (I go to Farnsworth Street), I got 4 homemade oreo's along with a sandwich, as I felt in a sharing mood. Well, I shared NOTHING ! I ate two of the oreos while walking and greedily rolled up my bag as a friend asked "what else was in the bag". I said, Oh just sticky bun for my mother (ooohhhh, I lied so I would not have to relinquish even a whiff of those dang things). Check them out... I've not seen them on every visit, but maybe like the sticky buns, they sell out. But they are a phenom..... Just dang - nabbit fabulous !!

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  1. They have been discussed before (http://www.chow.com/search?search%5Bq... ), but it's been a while, and some topic recycling isn't a bad thing at all.

    If you're ever around Hi Rise in Cambridge, they do a homemade Oreo too, which is also worthwhile.

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      Thank you finlero for being diplomatic...... I can't believe I've been bagged again for a post that's already been "posted !!!" I guess this could become a
      Chow-sport !

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        Maybe so, but I was serious about topic recycling being a good thing.

        It's one thing to have a half dozen weekly threads of "we're tourists from out of town staying in Back Bay, where do we eat, we love all kinds of food," but periodic reruns routinely scare up fresh opinions and new ideas, not to mention putting chowish places back on the radar.

        I, for example, am planning to brave the heat today and sweat on over to Flour for their roast chicken, avocado, and jicama sandwich. And yes, an oreo for dessert.

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          They're closed through the 10th for renovations!

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            The South End location is closed through the 10th for renovations... Hope you didn't go ahead and sweat without getting your payoff!

        1. Those oreos are my favorite cookie of all time. Especially when they have the ones with the peanut butter in them. A-maz-ing.

          1. If you like cookies of the homemade-Oreo-variety I highly recommend that you check out the "Mascarp-Oreos" at Via Matta - they are delicious and are served un-assembled so that you can have the cookie:filling ratio you prefer.

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              I second this recommendation. I also happen to love mascarpone cheese so these immediately caught my eye last time I was at Via Matta.

            2. They're my favorite cookie in Boston hands-down. I think they even top any of the (awesome) North End cookie offerings.

              Also, on Sundays Flour makes donuts that are to die for. I think they only have jelly donuts, but they're really all you need.... they're exceptional.

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                For anyone trekking out in the heat.... Farnsworth Street IS open. And on Sundays they also do a cream filled donut....I've had them..and had them..and had them... all over my face! Another spectacular item, which is simple, yet refined, is the breakfast brioche roll..... all rolled and coated in sugar. Its great.

              2. I went to Darwin's on Mt Auburn (in Cambridge) and they had some really great mint sandwich-type cookies. They also had peanut butter ones, but I didn't think to try them. I don't know if they have plain also, and I actually don't even know if they have the cookies everyday.. but I loved them!
                They were better than the ones at Hi-Rise, but I would love to know if Flour's are better!

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                  I think Darwin's carries Lakota Bakery cookies. I know Lakota has a variety of sandwich cookies as well as shortbreads and macaroons.

                2. I took the kids to the Children's Museum. I parked at the lot on Farnsworth and as I was exiting the building, I saw the bakery. I remembered the post about the homemade Oreos and knew I had to get one. Well, I did and they were so good. I don't blame you at all for not sharing.