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Jul 7, 2008 05:48 PM

Restaurants in/near Middleboro MA

My son is moving soon to Middleboro. MA. I've eaten at several restaurants including Fireside Grille (underwhelmed) and Percy's (too heavy for me for breakfast--I plan to return for lunch.)

Can anyone suggest other places in or near this town? Are there any good seafood places? Lobster shacks? Ethnic restaurants? If at all possible, I'd preferred to not go to touristy restaurants, unless they are really good.

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  1. Calling all foodies in the Middleboro/Plymouth area. I know you're out there. Could someone comment on the above question? Thanks

    1. Wow sorry, I had a long post typed and then IE closed on my by mistake. Lets see what I can remember. I grew up in Raynham a few miles West on Route 44. Middleboro is bigger than some European countries, so where you are in it depends on how close/far something is.

      Finer Dining = Benjamin's in Taunton, Issacs in Plymouth on the waterfront, Crane Brook Restaurant & Tea Room‎ in Carver (Great little place and they have a nice brunch too!), Beachmoor Restaurant & Inn in Buzzards Bay.

      Italian = Lorenzo's in Middleboro. The Maffeo family has been running this place for years and they are great people. I went to school with the original owner's grandson. I've been going there since I was a baby.

      Breakfast = Good Day's in West Bridgewater

      Ice Cream = Peaceful Meadows in Middleboro

      BBQ = Chiliheads in West Bridgewater

      I don't like seafood so I'm sorry I'm not much help there. Issacs has always been known for theirs though. Ethnic food on the Southeast isn't a huge thing or I somehow managed to miss it during a couple decades of living there. It is a very blue collar area of Massachusetts. If you start going towards Fall River or New Bedford you'll start to find a lot more Portuguese inspired places due to the heavy population there.

      Middleboro overall kind of stinks for anything in general related to shopping/food as far as I know (I could be wrong!). It is a very residential town and for the most part you have to drive a little bit out of it to get to anything. They're trying like mad to get the multi-billion dollar casino there to pump much needed revenue into the town. Thankfully you're close the the Cape Cod Canal and Plymouth, so there are plenty of options.

      If you go West on Route 44 you'll hit chains in Raynham like; The 99, Chilis, Friendly's, Applebees, Longhorn Steakhouse, The Jockey Club (not a chain)

      On Route 140 near the Route 24 exit in Taunton you'll find; The Olive Garden, UNOs, TGI Friday, some BBQ chain.

      1. We have family in Middleboro, but haven't found much that's good in the area. We did stop at the unfortunately named "Spizy Thai" on Rte. 44 in Raynham. It's a little tricky to find because it's in one of the many strip malls in the area, but it is across from the Shaw's plaza. Not much of a dine-out place, but the food was really good. Pad Thai ordered spicy, tofu massaman curry, and another veggie dish that I can't remember. Fresh and well-prepared, great for take-out.

        We haven't had much luck with either the food or the service at the Tuscan House, and the Cabin has pretty inconsistent, so-so brick oven pizza.

        I have to say, though, that restaurant prices in the area are pretty cheap. Good luck, and please share any places that you like!

        1. I moved to Middleborough from Boston and have been here a couple decades. now We're foodies, in that we grow a lot of our own, and snob that I am, I always feel if I want good bread, or dessert, or whatever, I'll have to make my own...or travel.

          That said, we do have a few jewels, but you gotta know what to order:
          Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream on Route 28, fabulous, I'd put it up against anyplace in Boston area, love the extra thick frappes.
          Mike Carver's in Everett Square, we're very lucky to have our own fishmonger, if you want something easy to eat in; I crave his seafood pasta salad in the summer
          Binky's on Route 18/28 near Bridgewater line, fantastic diner burgers and good breakfasts
          Tutto Italiano, Route 44 just over line in Lakeville, deli with wonderful sandwiches on fresh panini rolls and antipasto salads, lots of homemade takeout, good for picnic
          Somethin's Brewin' Cafe, Route 105 and 18 in Lakeville, a real cafe, with good coffees and teas, and limited soup, sandwich, salad, bakery menu, but always good, and very cute building
          Lorenzo's, we do enjoy the homemade fresh pasta, but I'd stick to that; the rest of menu is the usual suburban Italian fare that costs a little more than you think it should
          Lindo's Pizza, Middleborough Center, I prefer vegetarian, and in a pinch, this place makes a respectable falafel sandwich
          Central Cafe, Middleborough Center, good local bar for drafts with crazy mix of characters, good for beer more than food; I usually get the quesadilla
          Montreal French Fries, Route 106, West Bridgewater, I crave the portobello-pepper-spinach-mozzarella panini here, funky place, and Geno is so lovable
          Chatta Box, Route 18/28, Bridgewater, we like the curry laksa mee and the udon noodle soups; also the Bridgewater sushi roll (really!), but food quality varies

          If we want to sit down someplace nice, we usually head for Boston or Providence; also really like Margaret's in Fairhaven, lots of seafood specialties.

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            If you have tried Margarets - you really should try Elizabeth's - next door - owned by same people. Food was really great...can't wait to go again!

          2. Unfortunately Middleboro has no "great" restaurants - but Plymouth nearly has some pretty good ones you will be happy with. Isaac's, Lobster Hut, Water Street Cafe, East Bay Grill (yum but $$) 14 Union is also pretty great...or Wareham - which has The Longhorn - really good menu!