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Jul 7, 2008 05:13 PM

Dinner included w/ Dirty Dancing tickets, which would you choose???

We bought the dinner/ticket package for Dirty Dancing next week. Which restaurant would you chose( and WHY!!). This is for me, my spouse, my MIL and my 10yr old neice. I've eaten at Kama and while I like it, my MIL wont eat Indian food.

220 King Street West

Fred's Not Here
321 King Street West

Joe Badali's
156 Front Street West

214 King Street West

Kit Kat
297 King Street West

145 John Street

The OverDraught
156 Front Street West

Red Tomato
321 King Street West

Kit Kat 2
117 John Street

Alice Fazoolis
294 Adelaide Street West (at John)

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  1. It's not a great list, but if I had to choose, I would go with Alice Fazooli's. It will please the MIL and the 10 year old, and while the food isn't outstanding, it's fairly reliable.
    I hate Red tomato/Fred's Not Here and I hate once at Montana and regretted it.

    1. Kit Kat or Alice Fazooli's.
      If it's a nice evening, Fazooli's has a very nice outdoor patio in the back.

      1. Kama is by far my favourite restaurant on that list, but since that's out I guess I would agree with the others on Fazoolis.

        1. I like Fred's but when are you going since it is summerlicious and some of those restraurants are participants.

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          1. I used to go to the Red Tomato until I realized what good food was. I like Kit Kat the best of the remainder of the list, but Kama is for sure my top choice otherwise. I think Badali's is the best of that Front Street row of restaurants. Just curious, what does that package cost per head?

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            1. re: Westwardho

              119.00 plus tax and fee's. The 4 tickets came to 507.00 all in!!

              The reason we went w/ the package was because it included a top price ticket. The top price tickets are 110.00 alone. Also, the better seats are saved for the package.