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Jul 7, 2008 05:13 PM

Best Hummus and fresh pita bread in bay area?

I love hummus, however its always hit or miss at most restaraunts and groceries.
Please share your opinions on where to get the best hummus and fresh pita bread in the south bay and peninsula.

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  1. There's a Turkish restaurant on Murphy in Downtown Sunnyvale, Taverna Gyros, that has an excellent hummus and pita side. M&M, the grocery store on Stevens Creek and Blaney also sells both. TJ's has the 4-flavor hummus and pita for quick noshings. Afghan House on the border of Sunnyvale and Santa Clara on El Camino also has a hummus side that's divine. I think the Indian grocer on Rodriguez and De Anza Blvd. sells hummus; their nan (a worthy double for pita) is excellent.

    1. I like Sabra hummus. You can always get it at the International Market on Curtner and Union in San Jose. They sometimes have it at Costco.

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        I like that store for their frozen falafels. And on fridays. they have beirut style large pita breads ..yum

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          Frozen falafels? I live in SW FL and when I last ordered a falafel pita from my favorite local Greek restaurant, they said they were thinking of selling their own falafel--frozen--since so many of us just love them. How do you cook frozen falafel? Do you deep fry them or just re-heat? I don't think I've ever seen frozen falafel in our grocery stores here, though I could be wrong. I've seen the boxed mix for it but not actual frozen falafel. Thanks!

          1. re: Val

            Deep frying is the way to go for these frozen falafels b/c they are big in size, about 1 inch diameter. Sometimes I shallow-fry them in about half inch high layer of olive-oil , that gives them a crunchy crust .
            There are some stores in the SF bay area which actually supply
            pre-cooked frozen falafels to restaurants and delis. Not all restaurants make their own falafels!!

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          I love Sabra Hummus. I know my area Andronicos has a nice selection, think they 6-7 varieties of Sabra Hummus on the shelf on my last visit. Admittedly Sabra's not for everyone. My closest Middle Eastern friend doesn't like it.

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            Sabra is my favorite store-bought hummus, too...

            1. re: whiner

              Sabra- Roasted Garlic is my favorite store bought. As far as bread, I have found the Middle eastern flat bread at Trader Joes s a good match for the hummus. The pita is kinda dry (like most pitas I have had). And the frozen naan in a pinch.

        3. At Zand's in Albany they carry a delicious thick pita made by Aroma's Pizzeria in San Bruno. It's ingredients include flour, yeast, thyme, oregano and olive oil. Previously described on Chowhound by K.K. 3/2008

          And a link found by rworange also described by Candice in 2006.

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          1. I struggled to find the best gyro. And then I happened upon Yiassoo. They have the absolute best pita bread.

            2180 S Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA 95008

            10660 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014

            1. If you find yourself around the Vallco Farmers' Market today between 9-1, Sukhi's has a booth there. I've not seen hummus but their eggplant, curry, and cilantro chutneys are way-cool! They also sell fresh naan. ABSOLUTELY a must-stop!