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Jul 7, 2008 05:11 PM

pizza near Shea?

will be headed to Shea for Tues evening Mets game and would like to stop for a few slices prior to the game. any suggestions? (we'll be coming from Bronx-Whitestone bridge, but are willing to drive along Roosevelt Ave or other streets if necessary). I figure we will arrive in Queens at about 5 PM for a 7 PM game. thanks.

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  1. Stop by The Pine Room at The Holiday Inn. Roosevelt Ave to 114th St. (along Grand Central) directly across from the stadium.
    Mets bar good food and decent pizza.

    1. not pizza, but if youre flexible not far from shea is Leo's latticini in corona, italian deli..its great..load your car up with goodies along with a meal b/4 game

      1. Amore Pizzaria in the Pathmak Shopping Center off the Whitestine Expressway. Great pizza, solid hot heroes with zero ambiance. A small narrow hole in the wall in a run down strip mall serving some of the best pizza in Queens.

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            amore is my favorite by the slize pizza shop in queens!

          2. My brother and I used to eat at Gloria's Pizza all the time while waiting for the 25/34 bus(40 years ago). It was by far the best pizza ever. When I heard that Amore Pizza in Whitestone was a descendant of Gloria's we had to try it. My brother is up from Florida and this past Friday the 4th we took a trip out to Whitestone from Manhattan to see for ourselves if it's true. Now remember, it's been 25 maybe 30 years since we had Gloria's. Our verdict is that Amore is indeed close if not the same as Gloria's was, as our memories serve us. Therefore, we recommend going to Amore Pizza in the Whitestone shopping center, which is about a mile from Shea Stadium.

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              Amore makes a great slice, but also consider Nick's pizza in Forrest Hills. This is less of a pizza joint and more of a restaurant. But they stick to what they know, and only serve pizza and salad. Nick's is my favorite spot for neopolitan style pizza in queens.

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                Thanks for the Amore recommendation. We stopped by at about 5:10-5:15 pm on the way to Shea . . had no trouble finding it, getting a parking spot, and before we were there early (compared to the dinner hour) it was not crowded. My son had two Sicilian slices and I had a regular slice and a Sicilian. Both slices were outstanding and only $2.25 apiece. small fountain sodas were $1.00 each. our entire pre-Shea supper was only $11.00 but that's not the point. The pizza was among the best we have ever had both types of slices had just the right proportion of sauce to cheese, not too oily, and with a crust balanced between chewy and crispy. we plan to return - even if we are not headed to Shea. thanks again!

                1. re: Mike in Rhinebeck

                  really glad you enjoyed amore. thanks for reporting back.