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Jul 7, 2008 04:31 PM

ISO Copper River Salmon

Has anyone visited a restaurant recently that was serving Copper River Salmon? I've yet to get my summer fix on this phenomenal fish. I thought about Water Grill and Providence, but I didn't see it listed on their menu. Maybe it's only a special? I live on the Eastside, but am willing to travel. Thanks a million!

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  1. I maybe wrong, but i think the season is over? I just had my first experience recently while on business trip to las vegas almost a month ago. IIRC the waiter stated they are only in season for about 8days or so. I have to say it was really delicious!

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      I was thinking the same thing. I saw it for about three or four weeks (beginning about a month ago) at the Santa Monica Seafood Company, but didn't see any last week.

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        yep....i was always under the impression that the copper river salmon season runs from may through june.

        1. If the salmon's still around, try Houston's. McCormick's also does it. Last year I bought my own at whole foods, and pan grilled it (I have one of those ridged pans), it was delicious.

          1. I read somewhere that this year's salmon season on the West Coast was cancelled because the salmon population is too low.

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              From Anchorage Daily News May 17th.

              "The Copper River District was opened to fishing for a 12-hour fishing period on May 15. This was the first fishing period of the 2008 season. The next opening for the Copper River District will be Monday, May 19 for a 12-hour fishing period.

              Stormy seas hampered fishing effort significantly with only 150 deliveries reported. Typically there are over 500 deliveries during the first opening of the season.

              The preliminary harvest estimate from the first opening was 2,400 sockeye and 800 Chinook salmon. The anticipated harvest from the first opening was 17,105 sockeye and 5,673 Chinook salmon. The 5-year harvest average was 19,130 sockeye and 3,831 Chinook salmon."

              1. re: cdmedici

                Which must be why the Copper River king salmon was almost $50 a pound at Fish King in June. Brutal. At those prices, I'm just going to eat it at Kiriko, a wonderful Sawtelle-area sushi bar that is almost a salmon specialist.

                BTW, just the California and (Most of the) Oregon seasons were canceled. Alaska is a different matter. And the Yukon season comes in soon.

            2. The early reports on Copper River king salmon were not good, and high prices prevailed.
              I was surprised (overjoyed, actually) to find British Columbia sockeye at Loblaws (Ontario) for $9 per lb., filleted. The quality was very good, and I sliced one piece for sashimi.
              It was available from July 1 to July 9, don't know if it is over, as B.C. forecasts were not good this year, but it is worth looking for.