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Jul 7, 2008 04:30 PM

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs

So I picked up some b/s thighs at Trader Joe's a while ago, stuck them in the freezer, and just remembered them. So I have them unthawing now. I'm looking for some good recipes or tips on what to do with these?

I'm sort of in the mood for something spicy, sweet, asian flavors. But I want to avoid frying and anything too high in fat. What really sounds good is a non-fried General Tso's chicken recipe. Can anyone help me out?

If you don't have any good asian suggestions, I'm open to other options, as well. I'll probably end up doing two different dishes out of these, anyway!

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  1. I am here to tell you that Fuchsia Dunlop's General Tso's chicken recipe is well...killer good!
    Yes, it involves frying but if the oil temp is hot enough, it won't soak into the meat, right??? I mean, am I right???? I am also very adverse to frying in oil but my goodness, oh my goodness, her recipe is totally WORTH it!!!...okay, I've said my piece...if you want the recipe, you CAN find it here...I will post it if need be.

    Now, on the other hand, there are some worthy 5 Spice Chicken recipes out there that do not involve frying...also for your consideration.

    1. Marinate in a bit of Paul Newmans' lowfat ginger salad dressing and bake-- easy and mild...
      I like thawing those thighs in marinade-- helps to seep in the flavor

      1. A Vietnamese friend of mine recently gave me a recipe for a marinade that's spicy, sweet, and certainly Asian! Here you go:

        1 tbsp. white sugar
        1 tbsp. brown sugar
        2 tbsp. fresh grated ginger
        2 cloves garlic, crushed
        2 tbsp. finely chopped onion
        1/2 tsp. black pepper
        1/2 tsp. chili pepper flakes
        3 tbsp. soysauce
        10-15 drops fish sauce

        Marinate the thighs for about 20 minutes, then sear them in a pan over high heat, reserving the marinade. When browned on both sides, add the marinade, along with enough low sodium chicken broth or water to just cover the chicken. Simmer until about 3/5 of the liquid has evaporated.

        Serve with steamed rice, and freshly torn cilantro, basil, mint, and a wedge of lime.

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          My husband thanks you, OG. This sounds fun and much better than the stuff we get from our local takeout spot.

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            You're welcome, Mr. Lynnlato ;-). Let me know how it works out!

        2. There ought to be something that'll work for you in these pages. Just click on the recipe name to get to the recipe page:

          1. I post this all the time - but I think it fits the bill:


            Yogurt marinated chicken thighs - I broil them but you could grill them too. The recipe itself is not spicy, but I often serve it with a really spicy rice dish as a side. However, you can add cumin/curry powder/cayenne etc. to spice it up a bit.

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              Yoghurt chicken thighs are a regular on the menu at home. Our recipe is plain yoghurt with a good amount of your favorite curry powder [we like Spice Islands]. Sometimes we add chili flakes for heat.

              Let sit in the frig for a few hours or overnight. When read either broil or grill until cooked thoroughly. The yoghurt should still be quite thick on the meat.

              We serve with basmati rice or any Indian side dish.

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                We make yogurt marinated chicken a lot too. I like to either use ras el-hanout or a combination of garlic, coriander, lemon, chile, pepper, and cinnamon. I'll marinate overnight and then toss on the grill.