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Jul 7, 2008 03:41 PM

dessert from Baden Baden, Germany

Would anyone have a recipe that I could have for a tea that has a Baden Baden, Germany theme? I would especially like a recipe that had heavy cream or whipped cream with it.

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  1. Baden Baden is a very elegant spa town, on the border with Alsace Lorraine. While it's technically in the Black Forest, I think of it as having a strong French influence. I would aim for a very sophisticated lemon tart or something that uses mocha.

    1. Black forest cake would be the classical regional dessert. Just out of curiousity, why the specific baden baden theme?

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        Many thanks. I guess my question seems curious. I am writing and illustrating a book called - Tea with Grandma. I am using it for a presentation in September and then giving it to my daughters, granddaughters and mother for Christmas. I am writing it with a bit if information about woman from my family and adding a recipe for something each woman would have served at tea time. I am starting it with my great grandmothers who, naturally, I would never have met. One great grandmother left Sligo, Ireland during the potato famine and the other came from Baden Baden. She, The German lady, and her husband would then run a dairy farm in Jersey City, N.J. and then a creamery. They spoke only German. So - I am trying got find something that Anne from Ireland would have served her family and also something that Barbara from Baden Baden would have served. My grandmother, Barbara's daugher, was a very elegant and beautifully dressed woman. It is intererstig to hear about Baden Baden. When Grandma passed away at age 89 she had hardly any wrinkles on her face.

      2. Had to check this thread as we were at Baden-Baden about 2 weeks ago.

        Not sure why heavy cream has anything to do with Baden-Baden. But chrisinroch is right - black forest cake seems to be the thing. I've also noticed a fondness for apricots and strawberries in the desert menu/farmer's market.

        1. Hi klmsfd, I lived in Lahr while in my teens, about 2 hr's from Baden Baden deeper in the Schwartzwald near the french border, we used to go up there often, certainly Black Forest cake is authentic for the area but I recall many types of Kuchen that were simpler to make being most popular, and very appropriate with the vast afternoon tea crowd. Marzipan elaborately decorated was prominent is the website of the ladies' "place to be" on an afternoon, in 1992 at least...

          (it seems to be all in German but might be a place to start...)

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            That's a very nice thought for a tea. One of the things I like to have when I am there is a plum cake called plaumenkugen. Plums are beginning to be in season, and you could certainly serve whipped cream with it!


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              OMG!...that takes me back, the plum kuchen was my favorite!

          2. I lived in Karlsruhe for a year, not too far north of Baden-Baden. I echo the suggestions for a Black Forest Cherry Cake.

            Pflaumenkuchen (as Brenda_Starlet noted) is also a fine choice. With whipped cream, of course!