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Mission Bay - inexpensive dinner for 15 kids?

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Anyone have any suggestions? Went to Casa Guadalajara last year and had a good time but want to try something else. Does anyone have any other suggestions near the area for a group like this? Thanks!

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      The kids are all in high school, so no need for chuck-e-cheese or anything!

    2. Pat and Oscars


      Order a bunch of the meals for two or meals for four..a bit of a better deal..

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        or have P&O cater- it's not too expensive, and kids love it.

        1. Hodads is a great idea. They have a big table that coudl sit your group, it is a lot of fun and they have the greatest shakes!!! My kids love the place.

          1. Corvette Diner in the Hillcrest area is popular with kids. This is a lively 50s style diner with a live DJ, a corvette from the 50s parked in the middle of the restaurant, and crazy servers. It's reasonably priced and lots of fun.

            1. You might try Filippis Pizza Grotto in PB. I haven't been in years though.

              1. Lotsa Pasta in Pacific Beach is near Mission Bay and very affordable. Kids like it because everyone gets to pick their own variety of pasta and what sauces or extras go with it. It's a big room and can easily accommodate your mob. They may not make anyone's "10 Best" list, but the food is reliable and tasty and (IMO), a very good value.