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Jul 7, 2008 03:36 PM

Twin Cities: Looking for Sushi Recs??

what is a current ranking of the best mpls-stpaul sushi.

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  1. There is a thread on here that is pretty current...

    But IMHO Origami in DT Minneapolis is the top, but I've had great meals at lots of places like Fuji-ya, Saji-ya, Anemone and I have to think one of my Favorite spots to visit being Tiger Sushi, Love their salad, tempura and Miso soup, plus they always seem to be quick and fast, where as the sushi probably isn't the overall best and the selection can be somewhat limited, overall I've enjoyed every meal there, and unlike 95% of the places they are open all day and do not shut down midday. I also enjoyed a recent visit to Obento-ya.

    But given a choice of any place I'll take Origami without hesitation.

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    1. re: mnxd9

      I agree, Origami is awesome. I live on the St. Paul side of the river so as for places over here I've had great experiences at Saji-Ya (I'm there A LOT) and Sakura. There's a fairly new place in Woodbury called Giaponnese that has an awesome happy hour special on Tuesdays, $6 bottles of wine and six different rolls (spicy tuna, salmon, etc) for under $3! The non-special items are great too, try the lava roll! The only place over here I wasn't impressed by is Akita in Woodbury. They do an all you can eat for around $20 but the rolls are boring, poorly assembled, and just don't taste as fresh as other places. Also, a few of their staff speak very little english so ordering can be a little frustrating. Let us know your experiences!

      1. re: Stillwater Girl

        I live in Woodbury and only went to Akita once. Granted, it was soon after they opened but my tuna roll tasted very fishy and the service was not very good. I can deal with less than stellar service, but fishy sushi is definitely something I can do without.

        I've been to Giaponnese numerous times, however, and have always enjoyed it. I've tried a couple different types of rolls that were all good and the last time I tried some Walu nigiri, which was also very good. I'd never heard of Walu before, but supposedly it's some kind of Hawaiian fish. The sushi chef was telling me about it, but I was a little skeptical because I've been to Hawaii 5 or 6 times and have NEVER seen Walu on a menu before. Oh tasted good, so I didn't really care.

        I've wanted to try the Sushi Tango in Woodbury but have read some pretty negative reviews so I haven't wanted to risk it. Has anyone been there? How is it?

    2. Maybe the question is: has anything changed from any of these previous posts?

      The good news is there's lots to choose from in the Twins. As for ranking, depends on your mood and criteria. Creativity? Price? Basic straightahead quality of fish? Hipness of ambience? Laidback neighborhood feel? Convenience?

      My "everyday" sushi place of choice is Koyi because they have always had the consistently best quality fish. My fave for creativity is Origami. And as far as I know, there have been no major changes in staff or menu at either place lately.

      I envy mnxd9 his/her luck with Tiger. Every time I've been there it's been painfully slow and overpriced. I get better results at Wok'n'Roll in the food court. Very hip ambience, though, and if you don't go at lunchtime, it probably is pretty quick.

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      1. re: Loren3

        Thanks for reminding me about Koyi. Have had wonderful sushi there & I'm looking forward to returning.

      2. Well - honestly I can't see myself visiting sakura anytime soon. Last time I went our leftovers sat on the table forever and a fly colony started on our table. Its a shame because I've enjoyed the sushi there a LOT in the past.

        And Saji-ya really? What are chowspouse and I missing there? I wish I liked it - pretty close to where I live. But it always tastes "off" to us. oily? warmish? hard to describe but not a feeling or taste one would normally expect or welcome with sushi.

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        1. re: St Paul Susie

          i think it's about time for a downhill alert on sakura. as if the ridiculous rolls named for mn-wild players were not enough to clue us in in the first place. how the mighty have fallen.

          1. re: soupkitten

            Surprisingly .....those didn't bother me.

            1. re: St Paul Susie

              their existence did not bother? or did you sample some and they were good? if there are some mn wild rolls that are great, you have to let us know which ones they are, Susie! :)

              or, is it really just a case of abysmally poor service ruining the experience at a good restaurant? a shame if so.

              1. re: soupkitten

                ya know there was someone else doing the bulk of the the details escape me.....I'm sure I enjoyed a roll or 2. They were pretty decent!

                It really boiled down to the horrible service destroying a good meal.

        2. Hi MarkG, if you are looking for FRESH sushi, go to sushi tango in calhoun square. I was originally hesitant, but their super white is AMAZING and they always have things that aren't on the menu, so ask! Otherwise, koyi is good too!

          1. When I go to a sushi restaurant, I eat sashimi (hon maguro aka bluefin and bluefin toro) and my SO is a maki fan (the rolls). I love Origami (downtown) and Fuji-ya for the freshness of the fish and the artistry of the rolls. I have also had great bluefin at Sakura, but they do not have bluefin as frequently.

            Nami has also been consistent in the quality of the fish. They also have a very delicious roll perect for the summer called Chinoloco. It has pineapple on top of it. Very unconvetional, but refreshingly delicious.

            I have to agree with St. Paul Susie that Saji-ya's sushi tastes off (warmish). I also give Tigersushi and Wasabi low marks for the quality of the fish and the execution of the rolls. There is an art to creating a good maki roll- even if it the most basic roll.

            Unfortunately, the same with Kikugawa. Beautiful venue disappointing sushi.

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            1. re: BigSal

              To their credit, Kikugawa is really not a sushi place; it's a Japanese resto that offers credible if not great sushi. The only reason chowspouse and I go there is because it's on the way to a movie at St. Anthony Main, and our other regulars are in the opposite direction on the other side of the river.