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Jul 7, 2008 03:22 PM

Kitsch/Strange/Weird/Scary Diner in LA?

I'm trying to find a weird diner type place to take my boyfriend for his birthday, but it looks like the strangest have been closed for quite some time. I'm in desperate need of something sort of like Clifton's, only with tasty food. Really the stranger the better.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Can't vouch for the food, but Nova Express on Fairfax is pretty bizarre.

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    1. re: hrhboo

      I regret to say that they're no longer in business according to their website. That's totally what I'm looking for though.

    2. Bertha's Soul Food. It's in a pretty innocuous part of inglewood. And you can stop for dessert at the famous Randy's donuts a few blocks down--you can't miss the giant donut.
      You could also try Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.

      1. if you're willing to drive a little, try Frisco's!

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          Have to agree with Frisco's. go on a weekend night and the teenage servers are roller skating around. Live DJ and everything. The crowd was pretty mixed/weird when I was there! My burger was pretty tasty as well.

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            I grew up eating at Frisco's. Very kitschy. Any burger on the grilled parmasan bread is awesome. Their shakes are awesome, too!
            But if you're willing to drive, my cousin says there's a great fondue place in San Juan Capistrano called La Fondue. The fondue is better than The Melting Pot, and they have high-end and game proteins for the entree fondues. It's dark and a lot creepy.

          2. I don't remember the name, but what about the restaurant that you eat in the dark? Everything is in the dark, I believe it is in Hollywood or West Hollywood.

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              Opaque - I thought of this place as well - it definitely is not diner though as requested. It is, however, strange and weird.

              If cooking your own food is weird, there's shabu shabu places as well as korean bbqs... shame that there really isn't any *good* conveyor belt sushi, as that's a bit kitschy (luckyfish and daichan kaiten would be two i'd recommend)

            2. Not sure of the name, but how about the restaurant where you dine in the dark?

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                  That just looks so weird.... how can you find the bathroom?!?! ;)