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Jul 7, 2008 02:41 PM

Laurier cafe in Houston?

Has anyone tried Laurier Cafe in Houston (on Richmond inside the loop)? I'm a big fan of French food and love Cafe Rabelais & Max & Julie's. I wanted to hear opinions on whether Laurier Cafe was comparable.

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  1. I have not been in awhile but the steak frites were very good. Comparable to the other 2? probably not but still pretty good.

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      Yep, haven't been in a while either, but it was good with very attentive service last time I went. A little pricey, though. They are doing a new thing where they have a bar menu and are open from 11am-11pm, so I hope it works out for them. It's nice to have them in the neighborhood and I wish them the best!

    2. check out le mistral in west houston. best french in houston IMO.

      1. I have not been in over a year, but I used to meet a friend who worked nearby for lunch frequently. I found it to be very consistent. Very good soups (vichy soise, wild mushroom etc.) and very affordable for what you get. Lamb paillard and halibut in paticular were good. Strangely, I've never been for dinner. Cafe Rabelais is a favorite of mine, but have not been since they changed chefs..Max & Julies has been rather inconsistent as they are still finding their sea legs. Service issues and silly policies on cooking temperatures ("we only cook Veal chop medium and up" has been modified). Le Mistral and of course Chez Nous since the master returned from his Round-The-World sailing sojurn and is running the show there w/ Danielle (Yay!) should be visited. I hear Aura down in League City rocks (remember Cafe Perrrier?)

        1. Funny you should ask about as I was asking myself a couple weeks ago why I don't eat there more often. I had posted a review of it on and since I'm feeling lazy, I am going to post what I put up there.
          I love this place so why I have only eaten here twice since it opened in '01? When it first opened, El Tiempo had newly opened up across the street and the Pink Pussycat (where Anna Nicole Smith began her "career") was still in business.

          For lunch, I had a beautiful little Lyonnaise salad with arugula, frisee, garlic croutons, pancetta lardons, red wine vinaigrette and a poached egg on top.

          Fast forward five years, my husband and stopped in around 10:30 pm, half expecting to be told the kitchen was closing. We were greeted by the chef at the door.

          We were gladly seated even though the dining room had pretty much cleared. We shared a salad and an entree of braised short ribs (no attitude from the waiter when we informed him we were sharing an entree - wow!). I had a glass of syrah to go with the short ribs - yum.
          We were graciously and perfectly served that evening and I am moving it up to the top of my list for returns."