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Jul 7, 2008 02:39 PM

Pitcher of Sangria and a good meal?

Travelled to South beach recently and every restaurant we went to offered amazing pitchers of sangria to go with the food....
Does anyone know of any restaurants downtown that make a good pitcher of sangria?
Food quality matters here too.
Looking to go celebrate a birthday tomorrow night and want both good food and atmosphere.

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  1. I like the sangria at Amadeu's in Kensington Market, washes down the pretty decent Portuguese fare quite nicely. The sardines are delicious. Plus they have a really sunny patio. I'm from Montreal, where sangria is more of an everyday thing, and so far Amadeu's is the closest I've come to replicating a typical Montreal afternoon.

    This certainly isn't an upscale option though.

    1. Boulevard Cafe on Harbord has both white and red versions that are very refreshing. The food (Peruvian) won't blow anybody's mind - it's fairly simple stuff done very well, with a friendly atmosphere and a lovely patio. It might not be everyone's idea of a place to celebrate, but I could spend a very happy birthday there.

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      1. re: Wahooty

        Second the rec for Boulevard Cafe!

        1. re: TorontoJo

          Boulevard is doing Summerlicious, so it may not be the ideal place to go for a birthday. I'd reccomend Torrito on Augusta for Sangria and quality Tapas,(REAL Spanish Tapas.) :)

      2. torito would be the best bet, mostly because the food is delicious and much more outstanding than all the other poseur tapas joints in the city.

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        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          I agree, Torito is the first place that came to mind for me. They also offer red and white versions in pitcher form.

          1. re: foxymoron

            Love the white sangria at Torito. Perfect quencher for those hot summer days.

            1. re: syrahc

              Would have to second that...the White Sangria at Toroito's is delicious!!!

              1. re: Curlygrrl

                ..ok this is a total broken record now, but...I was there a few nights ago and the white sangria was great, the food was really good too, but I did feel a tad pricey, for $100 before tip (including the $35 1L pitcher) my gf and I got home and were still hungry...if $12 dollar plates were $9, I'd be there weekly...

                1. re: Recyclor

                  It's definitely a special occasion place for my partner and I. We went a bit overboard on our anniversary. We spent about $160 and rolled home, bloated and drunk.

                  1. re: Recyclor

                    Agreed. I'd love to go, but after having a full meal of tapas and a pitcher of sangria in Madrid, Seville and Barcelona for around 30 Euros for two, paying $100 is a bit much. Maybe $60 would be more fair. Unfortunately, it's still much cheaper to go to the market and pick up your own Manchego cheese, chorizos, bread, garlic and tomatoes and wine and do it at home.

                    1. re: currycue

                      It might be cheaper to pull together a platter yourself but I go there for the cooked hot items that need braising time or for some fresh bites of seafood.

                      1. re: syrahc

                        Thanks all - will definately be trying the Sangria at Torito