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Jul 7, 2008 02:17 PM

Anchor & Hope

Just finished lunch at Anchor and Hope, the newish restaurant opened by the Rosenthal brothers and Doug Washington. Being a true east coaster, I was a little leery when they delivered a lobster roll with something other than drawn butter. THANK GOD it wasn't mayo. It was a delicious blend of spices on a fantastic east coast style roll. And those kettle chips, light as air and perfectly salted.
We started with the gravlax salad which was fantastic, especially when you ate it with the yummy potato cake.
Though this is an east coast fish house, I'm not sure if my favorite part was all of the wines by the glass or the home made chocolate cake with salt and nuts on the frosting. I hope everyone gets to try out this little gem of a restaurant.

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  1. I was there two weeks ago and they had these incredible crab claws called Jonah Crabs that reminded me of Florida Stone Crabs from my youth. Super sweet with lots of meat.

    1. Where is this restaurant located?

      1. Are you saying the lobster roll was just lobster, spices, and the roll?

        Anchor & Hope
        83 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          There was something binding it together but it wasn't mayo. It was lobster and maybe some kind of olive oil dressing but so light it wasn't overpowering. It was just enough to bring everything together for me. Delicious.

        2. Hmmm... A lobster roll, slaw & fries for a mere $33. A beer with that (price not listed), T & T, and we're talking $50 for a little East coast nostalgia.

          I guess I'll stop bad-mouthing my neighborhood (North Beach) Lobster Shack's prices (about $32 for the same thing).

          1. Anchor & hope, two words: clam bellies.
            Oh wait, 3 words: fried clam bellies.

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            1. re: Tabetai yo

              Better than at Woodhouse Fish Company?

              Actually, that question applies to both the clam bellies and the lobster roll, if anyone's done a comparison.

              1. re: Pei

                I like the rest of the food overall at A &H better than Woodhouse. The clams at Woodhouse were less greasy than those at A&H, which also weren't the crispiest.