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Jul 7, 2008 01:59 PM

What Happened to Sake in Portsmouth?

We have eaten at Sake a number of times and always been pleased with the quality and selection. But, we had a terrible meal there this weekend. I had the regular sushi entree, with a variety of sushi (which I've had several times before and always liked). Most of the sushi was fine, but the tuna roll was inedible. The tuna was mushy and in tiny pieces - like it had been pulverized -- and totally flavorless. The green tea was stone cold. If you're on the seacoast and want good sushi, go further north and try Yosakus or Miyakes in Portland.

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  1. was there a couple of months ago and did a wonderful $100 omakase. let's hope this was an aberration.

    1. I've only eaten at Sakurabana (formerly known as Sakura) and always have excellent food (though the service tends to be a bit uneven).

      I know people who always favor one or the other, Sake vs Sakurabana, but, more often than not I get the impression that people either love or hate Sake, which is not true of Sakurabana. This topic should probably get a thread of it's own . . .