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Jul 7, 2008 01:45 PM

Dinner for 4 all in $300

Hi a good friend of mine is going to Manhattan. He will be going out with some friends, four in total, for a dinner in Manhattan. He is looking to go out for a meal where 1 round of drinks, some wine (nothing too pricey) will run him with tax and tip at around $300.

He is fairly open food-wise but did confess a love for steak.

So what gems would people recommend?


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  1. Well I think most of the steakhouses would be fine on his budget. There are several great places depending on atmosphere, neighborhood, and type of steak. Not a huge steak eater myself you should search the boards for good ones. I can offer up Keen's, Maloney & Porcelli, Old Homestead, and Del Frisco's as places to start.

    1. knickerbocker's. Great steak...good wine list.

      1. Maloney & Porcelli could be a good option, they have a great weekend price fix for $75 pp including wine:

        But if they want to go to a luger's type steakhouse (including Wolfgangs, Strip House, and Porter House, etc) they can probably get out of there for under $400 total - I think $300 is a stretch if you're including drinks & wine.
        The math comes out to:
        A round of drinks: $40, Steak for four = $150. Plus sides = $40, Plus Apps = $50. Tip and tax brings you to $300 without the wine.